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African Orphan Crop Consortium

Life Technologies has a heritage of supporting forward-thinking ideas and providing innovative technology to enable scientific discoveries. We apply this purpose to our business around the world, as well as toward non-commercial projects where we can make a significant difference in people’s lives. 

That’s why Life Technologies chose to take on a daring challenge at the Clinton Global Initiative. We committed to join the African Orphan Crop Consortium (AOCC) in an international effort to help improve nutritional value of food crops and decrease malnutrition in Africa. I’m happy to report that this humanitarian endeavor is now underway with the opening of the African Plant Breeding Academy and its state-of-the-art laboratory in Nairobi, Kenya. 

For Life Technologies, the answer to this challenge rested on our sequencing technology. We knew that the speed, simplicity and scalability of our Ion Proton™ System could have a positive impact in this life-changing effort, which will sequence the genomes of 100 African food crops. 

The sequencing data will not only be publically available, but, more importantly, it will be studied by scientists and shared with African plant breeders, who will then use the information to breed more productive crops that offer higher nutritional value.

All of us at Life Technologies are proud to be a part of this important project, and we’re hopeful that through the efforts of all members of the AOCC, we will see a bright and healthier future for generations to come in Africa.