November 11th is a special day for Americans. In 1938, a national holiday – Armistice Day – was created to celebrate the end of World War I and recognize the men and women who served our country during that devastating conflict. Following the end of the Korean War, veterans’ service organizations successfully lobbied Congress to change the holiday’s name to Veterans Day, a day during which we honor all veterans, wherever and whenever they’ve served.

Here at Life Technologies, we recognize the sacrifices made by veterans in all of the countries where we have a presence; we know that the idea of serving one’s nation is a noble one that crosses borders, and we’re proud to recognize all of the veterans working for Life Technologies around the globe. We’re also pleased to have been recognized by the San Diego Veterans Museum and Memorial Center as the 2012 County Corporation of the Year, awarded to the company that best supports and serves active duty personnel as well as veterans here in San Diego county.

At Life Technologies, we’re driven to shape discovery and improve life. We know that our people make this happen, and as a company that prides itself on diversity and inclusion, we see veterans as an inspirational – and integral – part of our team. The unique leadership qualities and experiences that veterans bring to an organization are immensely valuable.

Here at Life, that background translates to innovative thinking, a focus on teamwork, and a can-do attitude. All of these attributes benefit us in countless ways, and we’re dedicated to reaching out to veterans as we look for top-tier talent. If you are a veteran and are interested in career opportunities here at Life, please contact our Veteran Recruiting Specialists Phil Dana ( or John Engstrom (

Finally, many of us will have today off in observance of Veterans Day. Whether you’re at home, school or at work, please take a moment to salute those friends, neighbors and co-workers who’ve given so much to their countries. Shake their hands, and simply say “Thank you for your service!”