Develop happy and productive research labs by encouraging teamwork among young scientists, broadening their work skills, and improving their ability to communicate. This will improve productivity, and also provide students with talents they will need when they leave academics or run their own labs. This infographic summarizes what we’ve gleaned from best practices at Life Technologies research labs, as well as information from two papers: one from McKinsey & Co.(1) and the other from Andreas Chrambach (2) of the National Institutes of Health.

1. Mark Beards, Michael Edwards, and Mubasher Sheikh, McKinsey and Co.: The Secret of High Productivity in the Research Lab, Pharma RD Compendium 2009, a summary of 27 academic and industrial laboratory interviews and lab observations.

2. Chrambach A (2007) A productive and happy research laboratory: conditions for its creation and management. Electrophoresis 28:495–498.