Brenda Maribel Corado, a 32 year old mother was walking her 21 day old baby Angela Ester Sazo Corado to a doctor's appointment when a couple of women approached her on the street, taking Angela from her mother's arms.

Angela had just been kidnapped!

The two women got into a car that had been waiting for them and took off with the baby while Brenda stood in the middle of the street crying and screaming desperately as she watched the car disappear on the streets of Guatemala.

Her daughter had been taken from her and she didn’t have documents or a photo that could prove that Angela was her daughter because the baby had not yet been officially registered.

Brenda and her husband William were devastated. As a result, their food market, which was their only form of income, took a huge economical hit because they were unable to devote their time to taking care of it. Brenda lost significant weight withering down to 88 pounds and had a difficult time supporting and taking care of their four other children.

As the investigation went on, and with the incident being televised and broadcasted over all communication media channels in Guatemala, the kidnappers decided to leave the baby on the door step of a church.

Brenda and her husband were notified by the police station to identify the baby. However, two months had passed since the kidnapping and without photos or documents they were not able to take Angela home because they could not be properly identified as the child's biological parents. Instead, they were denied the right to take her home until they could prove they were the parents.

In the interim, the baby was taken to a foster home while the situation got cleared up. Brenda and her husband took a DNA test to prove that Angela was their daughter. This took place at a private university associated with DNA PROKIDS, a nonprofit organization aimed at fighting human trafficking.

The result was a 99.9% confirmation that they were the parents and Angela was finally returned home. It’s been now 18 months since Angela has been back home with her parents. Since being reunited with her parents the family is doing well.

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