In keeping with our corporate culture of giving and improving life, the Life Technologies Foundation was born. The Life Technologies Foundation is dedicated to recognizing the power of each scientist's contribution to improving the human condition.

By teaming with researchers across countries and cultures, the foundation strives to demystify the world of life science, empower today's children to become tomorrow's scientific leaders and deepen society's appreciation of science and its profound impact on our lives.

Setting the Stage for Science
At the Life Technologies Foundation we believe in promoting the importance of science, giving back to our communities, and doing the right thing.

"The whole goal of the foundation is to be a foundation for the company's mission; which is transforming science and improving life. To make people fully understand the power of science, the power of genetics, and what it will mean to their daily lives." - Gregory T. Lucier, Life Technologies Foundation

Most Recent Life Technologies Foundation Activities Watch the below video to learn more about the Life Technologies Foundation and to see more examples of the foundation's work.