Congratulations to the Ambion manufacturing plant in Austin, TX!

Industry Week recognized 10 of the best plants in North America with the Life Technologies Ambion plant being one of them. They were looking for plants that drive continuous improvement, quality product, and plants that have made transformational changes in the way they do business; with the ability to sustain those changes over a large time period.

About the Ambion Plant:
The plant is a 120,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and research facility with a 139-member manufacturing staff.

Plant Activities Include:
  • Reagent production
  • Enzyme fermentation and purification from bacteria and yeast cells
  • DNA plasmid production and purification
  • Clean room formulation capability
  • RNA isolation from cells, tissue, blood, bacteria, and yeast
  • RNA transcription and amplification (aRNA, PCR)
  • Large scale buffer production (up to 2,000 liters)
  • High throughput filling and packaging
  • RNA and DNA oligo synthesis, purification, and plating
  • 96-and 384-well plating
  • Organic chemistry production specializing in nucleoside and nucleotide production
  • Quality control and analytical capabilities: mass spectrometry, CE sequencing, PCR, RT-PCR, HPLC, and HPIC.