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Life Technologies™ animal health products have been at the forefront of recent advances in production animal diagnostics, and supply some of the leading modern diagnostic tools to veterinary laboratories around the world. Our range of diagnostic tools includes ELISA and PCR test systems which cover the most economically important production animal diseases. Our vision is to provide comprehensive solutions to help diagnose farm animal health issues more quickly and accurately than ever before - and so enhance animal health and productivity.

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Prionics Aquisition

Welcome Former Prionics Customers!

The entire range of Prionics® farm animal diagnostic solutions, including BOVIGAM®, PARACHEK®, and PrioCHECK® assays have recently become part of the trusted Life Technologies™ product portfolio. For ordering, tender or general questions regarding Prionics® products please click the “Frequently Asked Questions” link  or contact us through the phone number and email address listed below:

Phone: +41 44 200 20 00
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Making news

Top Beef, Dairy Thought Leaders Discuss BVDV Eradication at Symposium

More than 50 veterinarians, laboratory personnel, researchers and animal health company officials participated in the Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Eradication: Reality or Myth? Symposium on Oct. 13 in Kansas City, Missouri. The symposium, which addressed the significant economic impact of BVDV on the cattle industry, was held just prior to the joint U.S. BVDV/ESVV Pestivirus Symposium and the American Association of Veterinary Diagnosticians/United States Animal Health Association annual meeting.

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Diagnostics at work

Swine sampling - Oral fluids

Oral fluids may be used to monitor animals with signs of disease, but are also useful for prognostic profiling, to estimate the circulation of pathogens in swine population. Prognostic profiling is not a diagnostic procedure and therefore oral fluid should not be used to rule out infections. Learn more ›

Swine sampling - Nasal swabs

Nasal swabs can be tested by culture for the presence of B. bronchiseptica and toxigenic P. multocida jointly causing progressive rhinitis atrophicans (pRA). A very careful interpretation is recommended when commensals of the upper respiratory tract, such as H. parasuis, M. hyorhinis, or S. suis, are found in nasal swabs. Learn more ›