Simple, accurate solutions for detecting spoilers in your beer

Protect the quality of your beer, and the integrity of your brand, with simple test solutions that detect spoilage organisms in your beer with exceptional ease, speed, and accuracy.

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When it comes to the quality of your beer, there's too much at risk, to take a risk. Undetected growth of spoilage organisms can degrade the taste of your beer, jeopardize your brand, and impact your bottom line. Life Technologies, in partnership with PIKA Weihenstephan GmbH, now provides a portfolio of rapid, easy-to-use solutions to detect beer spoilers before they become a problem within your brewery.

Traditional test methods can be slow and difficult to interpret. Thanks to years of experience serving the brewing industry, and their close ties to the Technical University of Munich-Weihenstephan, PIKA Weihenstephan has created spoiler detection solutions that are exceptionally fast, accurate and simple to use. Coupled with Life Technologies’ expertise and global network of technical specialists, breweries can enjoy a solution that's not only comprehensive, but well supported.

Key features and benefits

Confidence in results

Proven test solutions that handle all brewery samples, including clear, turbid, and yeast-containing samples

Simple to implement

Easy, flexible workflow that suits all breweries and technical skill levels

Brand protection

Expedite detection to gain faster control over Pediococcus, Lactobacillus, wild yeast, and other
beer spoilers

PIKA Weihenstephan™ FastOrange™ enrichment media provides specific detection of beer spoiling bacteria and yeasts. In the presence of product-spoiling microorganisms FastOrange™ changes color from violet to yellow, making the interpretation of results (positive or negative) unambiguous and easy for personnel of any skill level.

Both turbid, yeast-containing samples as well as clear samples can be enriched with the same FastOrange™ broth. There is no need for different protocols for different beer sample types, and no measuring, mixing or autoclaving is required. Volume is not critical, simply mix the beer or process sample with the liquid enrichment medium in an approximate 1:1
ratio and incubate.

FastOrange™ broth products can be used on their own, or in combination with PCR-based detection for even faster results.

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SO Real-Time PCR detection kits

PIKA Weihenstephan™ SO Detection Kits enable real-time PCR based detection of specific beer spoilage organisms. Because detection is possible before cultures are visibly turbid and plating to individual colonies prior to analysis is unnecessary, results can be obtained days earlier than with traditional culture methods.

SO Detection Kits were specifically developed for use in the quality control laboratory of a beer production plant — the analyses are easy to perform, robust, and reliable. When combined with FastOrange™ media and TaqMan® Universal Master Mix II, the SO Detection Kits provide everything you need for detection of beer spoilers on a StepOne™ Real-time PCR System.

The easy-to-use format minimizes pipetting steps, which decreases chances of errors and maximizes reproducibility. After DNA sample preparation with the included reagents, sample and master mix are simply added to the pre-aliquotted reaction tubes and loaded into the machine. The entire procedure from enriched sample to data takes only two hours.

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StepOne™ Real-time PCR System

The StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System is a 48-well real-time PCR instrument perfect for both first-time and experienced users. The system comes ready to use, out of the box, with intuitive data analysis and instrument control software. It's designed to deliver precise, quantitative real-time PCR results.

Additionally, the StepOne System™ offers real-time data monitoring via remote access.


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