Detect and quantify horse DNA accurately

RapidFinder™ Equine ID Kit

RapidFinder™ Equine ID Kit detects the presence of equine DNA extracted from meat samples. The kit is optimised for its use in all Applied Biosystems® real-time PCR instruments.

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RapidFinder™ Equine ID Kit
  • Provides all the reagents required for 48 reactions.
  • Detection limit: 0,01% (w/w) in fresh meat.
  • Includes a positive control consisting of 0.1% horse DNA.
RapidFinder™ Quant Equine Set
  • Quantification limit: 0.05% (w/w).
  • Includes the standard for quantification.

Key benefits:

  • Reliable and specific-Real-time PCR, No electrophoresis
  • Flexible-Equine DNA detected in any food or feed sample,including meat
  • Accurate-Internal Positive Control (IPC) allows ruling out inhibitors during PCR process
  • Fast-From sample to result on the same day

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