Rapid, accurate solutions for foodborne virus detection

Help protect your brand, and the quality of your products, with innovative test solutions that rapidly detect foodborne and environmental viruses with exceptional ease and accuracy.

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In partnership with the European Centre for Expertise and Research on Microbial Agents (CEERAM), we provide a suite of award-winning RT-PCR solutions that detect norovirus (GI and GII), hepatitis A, and hepatitis E in a variety of sample matrices, with exceptional sensitivity and specificity. Matrices include shellfish, soft fruits, salad greens, ready-to-eat foods, spices, water and surfaces.

These RT-PCR one-step kits help food producers, processors, and retailers to preserve the quality of their products and protect the health and well-being of their customers.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Human Norovirus is the most common cause for food-borne disease outbreaks in the U.S., causing 800 deaths, around 21 million illnesses and 70,000 hospitalizations each year. Globally, tens of millions of individuals contract Hepatitis A and Norovirus each year. In fact, viruses are now the most common cause of foodborne outbreaks in the world; more than bacteria, chemical and parasites combined.

Key features and benefits

Fast product release

One-step kit provides answers in ~90 minutes, and helps minimize variability.

Confidence in results

Up to 100% virus specificity. Sensitive to five genomic copies per reaction.

Ease of use

Easy-to-use solutions that detect common foodborne viruses with minimal hands-on time.

Norovirus GI,GII and Hepatitis A, E virus detection kits

We offer RT-PCR solutions that enable you to rapidly and accurately screen various types of food and environmental samples for some of the most dangerous foodborne viruses. The products are:

  • Formulated in a ready-to-use, all-in-one solution (master mix, with positive and negative controls)
  • Compliant with ISO/TS 15216
  • Optimized specifically for food and environmental samples

Extraction control and quantification standards

Target-specific quantification standards for each detection kit help provide excellent accuracy and consistent interpretation of results. The proprietary technology of the Mengovirus Extraction Control Kit monitors for the loss of virus target, which is common during the nucleic acid extraction process.

This kit contains a known quantity of the mengovirus strain vMC0, and specific primers and probes to target vMC0. The kit is:

  • Recommended by ISO/TS 15216 to validate the extraction process
  • Effective in determining extraction efficiency and inhibition levels
  • An ideal control model due to similarity to virus targets

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