Supporting Implementation. Enhancing Productivity.

HID Professional Services enable forensic laboratories to overcome critical implementation challenges through a collaborative partnership with Life Technologies—the worldwide leader in validated human identification solutions.

This program offers the consistency of standardized validation packages, while maintaining the flexibility necessary to adapt to the validation and training requirements of each participating laboratory. Life Technologies utilizes the highest level of genetic analysis and forensic application expertise, as well as the most extensive service and support network available.

The result is not only a more rapid implementation leading to improved productivity, but also enhanced quality assurance and a thorough understanding of new procedures. Thus, the laboratory is better equipped to meet the ever-increasing demands of the forensic biology discipline.

Partnership for Productivity

When you partner with Life Technologies for your validation, performance check, and training needs, you get access to resources that only Life Technologies can offer:

  • As the manufacturer, we provide the most in-depth knowledge of the entire system, encompassing instrumentation, reagents, and software
  • A program created, implemented, and supported by forensic scientists with over 100 years of combined forensic laboratory experience
  • A dedicated team of industry-leading scientists with extensive developmental and internal validation experience for forensic DNA applications
  • An extensive network of Field Service Engineers to provide on-site technical assistance with instrumentation
  • Utilization of VALID™ Software, an innovative program with numerous integrated tools to define, execute, and manage 5-dye validation projects

Applied Biosystems performs developmental validation studies according to the validation guidelines provided by the Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods (SWGDAM). However, it is the responsibility of customer to perform its own analysis and appropriate internal validation studies to ensure that the products and services it obtains from Applied Biosystems satisfy or will satisfy the SWGDAM Guidelines or other applicable guidelines used by the forensic community and are fit for its human identification applications.For Research, Forensic, or Paternity Use Only.

Not intended for any animal or human therapeutic or diagnostic use.