Understand More about the Quality of Human DNA in Your Evidentiary Samples

Life Technologies is now the exclusive distributor of the LGC Forensics ParaDNA® Screening System. The ParaDNA® Screening System enables law enforcement and forensics professionals to screen a small portion of an evidentiary sample in order to obtain DNA-level information with minimal effort.

Assists with prioritization and processing decisions

The system produces a score that indicates the quality and quantity of DNA in the sample, as well as, the gender of the sample’s contributor. This allows law enforcement and forensic professionals to better prioritize samples to be submitted for DNA analysis.

Easy-to-perform assay requires minimal staff training

Use the ParaDNA® Sample Collector to, directly or indirectly, collect the sample to be screened and apply it to the ParaDNA® Screening Test plate. After a 75-minute run, the ParaDNA® Software generates a simple relative percentage score to aid professionals in identifying the samples that are most likely to generate a useable DNA profile in a full lab analysis.

Helps increase efficiency of forensic evidence departments

By providing objective DNA level information, the ParaDNA® Screening System can help law enforcement agencies increase the overall efficiency and efficacy of their forensic evidence submission and processing programs.

  Item Cat. No.
ParaDNA® Screening Unit w/ParaDNA® Software4484402
ParaDNA® Sample Collectors (8 pk)4484203
ParaDNA® Screening Tests (8 pk)4484202
Laptop Computer4484610

* Service contracts available for purchase

Note: Available for global sale now. Will be released in Brazil, Russia, India, and China on Oct. 1, 2013.

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