BSD® Punching Systems

Why should I choose BSD® Punching Systems?

Automated sample preparation of dried biological specimens has been shown to be critical to streamlining the human identification (HID) workflow and maximizing sampling integrity. BSD® Robotics instruments are incorporated into HID workflows worldwide.

Life Technologies offers BSD® Punching Systems that fit a variety of needs for throughput, hands-on time, and workflow automation.

BSD® Punching Systems

BSD®100 is a lower-throughput, semi-automated punch instrument that can be configured to meet varied laboratory requirements and budgets.


BSD®300 is a higher-throughput version of the BSD®600PLUS system, with the ability to accommodate six sample plates.


BSD®600PLUS is a medium-throughput, semi-automated punch instrument. The system is designed to significantly increase laboratory throughput of all dried biological samples on filter paper. Download BSD®600Plus brochure


BSD®1000-GenePunch is a high-throughput instrument that provides unattended automation of sample card punching using pre-loaded card magazines.


BSD® Products Comparisons


96-well plates per
8-hour day
(1 punch per well)

Cards per
8-hour day
(1 punch per card)

Relative Capabilities


BSD 100


12 plates

1,200 cards

Factory configurable, or upgradable from a base model single-punch system to the full capabilities of the BSD®600 Plus system. 

User Activated Punching

BSD 600 Plus

14 plates

1,400 cards

Includes a suite of standard features that enable contamination control, punch accuracy and flexibility, sample card and tracking plate tracking.

BSD 300

13 plates

1,300 cards

Includes 600 Plus system capabilities but with six sample plate capacity for higher-throughput.

BSD 1000

18 plates

1,728 cards

High-throughput instrument that provides unattended punching of up to 300 sample card.

Walk-away punching

For Research, Forensic or Paternity Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.