Yfiler® Plus Kit

Incorporating recent improvements in Applied Biosystems® STR chemistries, the Yfiler® Plus Kit offers enhanced profile balance, improved resistance to inhibitors, and shorter time to results. This new Y-STR analysis kit is scheduled for release later this year.

Compared to the previous Yfiler® Kit, this next-generation Y-STR kit will enable:
• Increased haplotype resolution and potential for discrimination of male relatives with expanded marker set
• Higher number of alleles recovered at low DNA input amounts
• Improved recovery of alleles and intracolor balance in male/female mixtures containing high female background
• Improved resolution capacity for male/male mixtures
• Improved recovery of alleles in inhibited samples

We will be giving additional details about the Yfiler® Plus Kit in upcoming seminars and through the Y-STR Community.

Yfiler® Kit

The Yfiler® Kit has been widely recognized as the gold standard for the forensic analysis of Y-STR markers, permitting the analysis or complex male: female DNA mixtures that often yield ambiguous or inconclusive results with autosomal STRs.  Learn more >

Yfiler® Direct Kit

The Yfiler® Direct Kit enables forensic laboratories to perform high-quality Y-STR analysis of single-source reference samples using direct PCR amplification. This kit amplifies the same 17 Y-STR loci as the Yfiler® Kit and is designed to generate accurate results with faster thermocycling conditions than the Yfiler® Kit. Blood or buccal samples on treated paper (FTA® Card or NUCLEIC-CARD™ System) can be punched into PCR plates or tubes and taken directly to PCR amplification, without reduction in data quality. Samples collected with the Buccal DNA Collector™ and other untreated substrates can be processed without additional workflow steps using the Applied Biosystems  Prep-n-Go™ Buffer.
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