High quality animal origin free insulin.

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Insulin remains a critical component in many cell culture media and bioprocessing applications. The drive for efficiency in these applications requires an animal origin free (AOF) insulin of the highest quality and performance while providing the flexibility and value to meet your needs from validation to scale-up.

As the exclusive supplier of Biocon insulin for cell culture applications, Life Technologies offers it as a raw material or blended with your custom media formulations.


Product Quantity Catalog Number
Gibco® rHu AOF Insulin  sourced from Biocon1gramA11382II
Gibco® rHu AOF Insulin  sourced from Biocon5gramA11382IJ

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Figure 1:  Biocon rHu AOF insulin demonstrates comparable growth.  HeLa cells were passaged 3 times before starting the growth curve in CD 293 Medium.

Figure 2. Biocon rHu AOF Insulin offers the highest-grade insulin available for cell culture. applications. Life Technologies has an exclusive agreement to supply Biocon rHu AOF insulin to the global cell culture market..