Just add water.
Reduce process steps.
Boost operational productivity.

AGT™, or Advanced Granulation Technology™, is a well-established and scalable dry media format that ensures high consistency and productivity across all stages of production from development to commercial manufacturing.

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What is AGT™?

Learn about the process of fluid bed granulation and see how AGT™ media are manufactured.


Benefits of using AGT™

AGT™ media comes as a ready-to-use product and saves valuable time and money.  It also reduces the potential for errors during processing.


AGT™ Products

Choose from several serum-free and chemically defined Gibco® catalog products offered in AGT™ format or send us your custom formulation.

  Powder culture media   Powder Culture Media Packaging, Preparation and Market Trends

BioPlan Associates recently surveyed 24 large-scale culture media end users to discuss current media preparation problems, future trends and alternatives to media prep practices being implemented. The in-depth discussions, views and insights are captured in this engaging white paper, which is available for your download.

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Advanced Granulation Technology™ Benefits and Case Studies

Three case studies featuring AGT(™) usage to assist in cost reduction, process conversion and a CMO perspective

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AGT™ Videos