A Full Range of Purification Technology, From Affinity to Ion Exchange to Reversed-Phase Chromatography

Life Technologies offers a wide range of products for bioseparations. A recent addition to the POROS® family of chromatographic resins is our CaptureSelect™ affinity products and services. These products were developed by BAC BV, a company acquired by Life Technologies in early 2013. Now, all CaptureSelect™ products are available from Life Technologies. Manufactured in a state-of-the-art chemical facility, chromatography resins and pre-packed columns from Life Technologies enable high-resolution separations combined with high capacity and robust chemical stability.

We offer:

Chromatography Resins for Process-Scale Separations


When you need high performance and high throughput on a large scale, POROS® bulk chromatography resins are used throughout the industry for process-scale bioseparations. CaptureSelect™ ligands are also available for use in large-scale manufacturing processes, and paired leakage assays offer additional tools for process development or in routine quality control processes.

Utilized in multiple processes, these high-performance resins combine optimal particle size and pore structure with a rigid backbone and proprietary chemistries. POROS® 50 µm resins demonstrate high dynamic binding capacity, capture efficiency, and resolution over a range of flow rates.

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POROS® Analytical Chromatography Columns


High-Performance Resin for Analytical and Lab-Scale Separations

POROS® analytical chromatography columns, available in 10um and 20um particle sizes, enable rapid separation of biomolecules for both analytical and lab-scale preparative applications.

POROS® Protein A, G and CaptureSelect™ analytical columns are used throughout the industry for monitoring monoclonal antibody titer and yield from cell culture supernatant. POROS® Analytical Chromatography columns can be operated on any standard high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) or medium pressure chromatography system.

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Pre-packed Chromatography Columns


Connect-and-Go Convenience for Development through Pilot-Scale and Production

For biopharmaceutical manufacturers in early-phase process development, GoPure™ pre-packed chromatography columns from Life Technologies combine connect-and-go convenience with high-performance POROS® resin.

GoPure™ columns are available in multiple sizes, diameters, and lengths, allowing for easy scalability from bench to larger-scale processing.

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Lab-Scale Purification


CaptureSelect™ Research Products From Discovery to Preclinical Purification

The CaptureSelect™ affinity product line delivers a range of research products for every step in the development process, from discovery to preclinical purification.

  • Antibody purification: The Antibody Toolbox® products are specifically designed to purify any antibody in any format with high affinity and specificity.
  • Sample preparation: The Proteomics Toolbox® products are all single use products for sample preparation from human plasma or serum.
  • Protein purification: Products for the single-step purification of selected therapeutic proteins or fusion proteins.
  • Ligand conjugates: CaptureSelect™ ligands chemically conjugated to biotin for use in analytical assays.
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Custom Chromatography Services

Custom Ligand and Resin Design

CaptureSelect™ technology enables selective purification of biopharmaceuticals from any type of feedstock with high yield and purity. Our ligand discovery program has proven itself for a wide variety of biotherapeutic compounds, including antibodies and antibody fragments, recombinant and plasma proteins, and even viral particles.Customized affinity ligands can then be immobilized to efficient, high-throughput  POROS® resins for your unique separation needs.

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Bioproduction Resources

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