CaptureSelect™ technology enables selective purification of biopharmaceuticals from any type of feedstock with high yield and purity. Our ligand discovery program has proven itself for a wide variety of biotherapeutic compounds including antibodies and antibody fragments, recombinant and plasma proteins, and even viral particles. Customized affinity ligands can then be immobilized to efficient, high-throughput POROS® resins for your unique separation needs.

Custom Ligands Are Screened for Optimal Performance

Besides selectivity and affinity, designed to enable single-step purification with high purity and yield, the screening process we employ during custom ligand design also allows us to incorporate important attributes that enhance the final purification process. For example, specific mild elution conditions can be screened for, which enables the recovery of pH-sensitive therapeutics.

Final products produced using our Custom Ligand Design service have been demonstrated to provide unparalleled host cell protein (HCP) and host cell DNA (HcDNA) removal while also providing efficient viral clearance (4 to 5-log reduction).

For more information on HCP removal, read Biogen's publication Application of a novel affinity adsorbent for the capture and purification of recombinant factor VIII compounds.

Our ligand discovery process has led to the successful development of purification products for specific clients, resulting in:

  • Decreased clean room time and increased yield by significantly reducing the number of purification steps
  • Increased purity through highly specific capture and removal of host cell proteins
  • The ability to elute at pHs that leave the target biotherapeutic completely intact and active
  • Selective purification of compounds that only differ by 1 point mutation

These products were developed by BAC BV, a company acquired by Life Technologies in early 2013. Now, all CaptureSelect® products are available from Life Technologies.

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