CaptureSelect™ biotinylated ligands are available for use in analytical assays, and include everything from IgG to IgM to lambda and kappa light chains. The affinity ligand is chemically conjugated to biotin via an appropriate spacer that retains binding reactivity of the ligand when immobilized onto streptavidin-functionalized surfaces.

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Detect and characterize antibodies or Fab fragments

CaptureSelect™ biotinylated ligands can be used in a variety of analytical assays for the detection, quantitation, and characterization of biomolecules, including antibodies or Fab fragments. They are also useful in applications including capture ELISA, immunoassays, and label-free detection platforms like bioluminescence imaging (BLI) and surface plasmon resonance (SPR).

Binding Selectivity of Selected Biotinylated Ligands

Antibody Target* Isotype/Subclass Biotin anti– IgG-CH1 Biotin anti IgG-Fc (Hu) Biotin anti– LC-kappa (Hu) Biotin anti– LC-lambda (Hu) Biotin anti-IgA Biotin anti-IgM
IgG Subclasses Hu IgG-1 - -
Hu IgG-2 - -
Hu IgG-3 - -
Hu IgG-4 - -
Ab Isotypes Hu IgM - - - -
Hu IgA - - -
Hu IgD - - - -
Hu IgE - - - -
Ab Fragments Hu IgG Fab - - n.d
Hu IgG Fc - - - n.d
Free human LC kappa - - - - -
Free human LC lambda - - - - -
Species Cat IgG       
Dog IgG       
Mouse IgG - - - -    
Bovine IgG - - - -   -
Mouse IgA     -  
Rat IgA     -  
Bovine IgA     -  
Mouse IgM      
Rat IgM      
Guinea Pig IgM      

Binding Selectivity of Biotin Anti-LC-kappa (Mur)

Antibody Target* Isotype/Subclass Biotin anti–LC-kappa (Mur)
IgG Subclasses Mouse and Rat IgG-1
Mouse IgG-2 a/b
Rat IgG-2 a/b/c
Mouse and Rat IgG-3
Ab Isotypes Mouse and Rat IgM
Mouse and Rat IgA
Ab Species Mouse
Human -
Bovine -
Goat/Rabbit/Sheep -
Chimpanzee/Rhesus/Cynomolgus -

Protocols are available for a range of products, including:

Abbreviations: Hu (human), ms (multi-species), Mur (murine), ung (ungulate), LC (light chain), Ig (immunoglobulins).

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