When you need high performance and high throughput on a large scale, POROS® bulk chromatography resins are the industry standard for process-scale bioseparations.

Utilized in multiple processes, these breakthrough resins combine optimal particle size and pore structure with a rigid backbone and proprietary chemistries. POROS® 50 µm resins demonstrate exceptionally high dynamic binding capacity, capture efficiency, and resolution over a range of flow rates.

POROS® products are manufactured in a state-of-the-art chromatography resin manufacturing facility and are tested using the highest-quality standards to support use in regulated biotherapeutic markets.

CaptureSelect™ affinity resins offer superior selectivity resulting in higher yields and improved purity in the initial capture step. We are developing numerous products for large scale purification of various biologics such as antibodies and antibody fragments, fusion proteins, hormones and viruses.

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Benefits of a Revised Approach to Anion Exchange Flow-Through Polish Chromatography.

A high-performance anion exchange resin performs well compared with membranes. In addition, the resin offers greater flexibility and cost savings


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The new POROS® XS Cation Exchange Resin delivers:

  • Dynamic binding capacity for proteins, >100 mg/mL at 5% breakthrough
  • High resolution using optimized 50 μm particle size for improved impurity clearance
  • Robust salt tolerance that maintains dynamic binding capacity to 150 mM NaCl (15 mS/cm)

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  • POROS® XS 50 µm Bulk Resin
    A next-generation strong cation exchange resin that delivers a combination of high capacity, high resolution, and high salt tolerance for greater process flexibility and performance.
  • POROS® HS 50 µm Bulk Resin
    A strong cation exchange resin offering high resolution for the removal of process contaminants and product impurities in downstream polish applications,
  • CaptureSelect™ Bioprocess Products
    CaptureSelect™ affinity ligands, based on Camelid-derived single domain antibody fragments, are available for use in large-scale manufacturing processes. Paired leakage assays offer additional tools for process development or for routine quality control processes.
  • POROS® MabCapture™ A Resin
    A high performance Protein A chromatography resin technology combining improvements made in bead and chemistry technology to provide high dynamic binding capacities and excellent capture efficiencies at high linear velocities
  • POROS® Heparin 50 µm Bulk Resin
    Heparin affinity media for process scale separation of biomolecules with sepcific Heparin binding affinity, such as growth factors and other serum components, including coagulation factors and nucleotide binding proteins.
  • POROS® R1 50 µm Bulk Resin
    A reversed-Phase Resin for large scale downstream bioprocessing. POROS® R1 is a 4000 angstrom pore size Poly (Styrene-Divinylbenzene) particle, suitable for the reversed-phase separation of biomolecules.
  • POROS® R2 50 µm Bulk Resin
    A reversed-Phase Resin for large scale downstream bioprocessing. POROS® R2 is a 2000 angstrom pore size Poly (Styrene-Divinylbenzene) particle, suitable for the reversed-phase separation of biomolecules.
Hi performance over broad flow-rate range
POROS 50HS Capacity at 5% BreakThrough as a Function of Linear Velocity
Hi performance over broad flow-rate range
Separation of Lysozyme, Chymotrypsinogen and Cytochrome C at Increasing Linear Flow Rates
Hi performance over broad flow-rate range
POROS 50 Micron HQ Cleaning Study

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