The Oncomine™ Platform—from web applications to translational bioinformatics services—provides solutions for individual researchers and multinational companies with robust, peer-reviewed analysis methods and a powerful set of analysis functions that compute gene expression signatures, clusters, and gene-set modules, automatically extracting biological insights from the data. It has become an industry-standard tool  cited in more than 880 peer-reviewed journal articles. The Oncomine™ Platform has been used as a foundation for ground-breaking discoveries with unique features that include:

  • Scalability—with 700+ independent datasets
  • High-quality—with expertly curated data
  • Consistency—with a rich, extensive, and controlled ontology of terms
  • Standardized analysis—with conventions that assure clear and consistent interpretations of results

Insights that enable novel cancer discoveries

Oncomine™ Research Edition

The first Oncomine™ application was conceived by physicians, scientists, and software engineers at the University of Michigan. Oncomine™ Research Edition* remains free for academic researchers. A premium version adds functionality and in house technical support.

Oncomine™ Concepts Edition

Oncomine™ applications for commercial use were developed with the vision of giving cancer researchers greater ability to impact drug development and clinical practice.

Oncomine™ Gene Browser

For academic laboratories to mid-sized companies that want to accelerate their research by profiling critical biomarkers, prioritizing targets, and identifying optimal patient segments.

Oncomine™ Power Tools

Oncomine™ Power Tools provide a highly interactive and visual environment for interrogating data and analyses to address key questions in oncology research.

Oncomine™ NGS Power Tools

Oncomine™ NGS Power Tools help prioritize therapeutic opportunities with curated NGS data, methods, and an efficient delivery mechanism.


Oncomine™ resource library 

From practical applications to ground breaking research, users and potential users of the Oncomine Platform can access information to make their research more effective.

Oncomine™ data feature #1 - CCLE

August 2012 :: Matt Anstett presents a look at the Cancer Cell Line Encyclopedia.  

Explore the data in the Oncomine™ database and learn a few tips and tricks along the way.

NOTE: This video uses Oncomine™ Concepts Edition and includes features and analysesnot found in Oncomine™ Research Edition.  

Oncomine™ data feature #2 - prostate cancer

October 2012 :: Matt Anstett presents a look at the mutational landscape in castration resistant prostate cancer.

NOTE: This video uses Oncomine™ Concepts Edition and includes features and analyses not found in Oncomine™ Research Edition.   

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