Scientists at Life Technologies™ are known for their expertise in developing unique biologically active reagents and accurate assays.  To introduce you to Life Technologies™ products and the proficiency behind them, we would like to offer you a series of complimentary application handbooks for sample preparation, assay optimization, and data analysis:

Application Handbooks
ELISA Applications Handbook ELISA Applications Handbook

Detailed protocols for both Cytokine ELISA and PhosphoELISA™ assays.  Also includes troubleshooting guides, sample handling procedures and applications for studying proteins outside and inside the cell.


Luminex Applications Handbook Luminex® Applications Handbook

Procedures for handling samples, testing, and analyzing Luminex® data.


Antibody Applications Handbook Antibody Applications Handbook

Detailed protocols plus tips and tricks for western blotting, IP, IHC, Flow, and ELISA.