Chemiluminescent Assays and Detection

Life Technologies™ offers a variety of ultra-sensitive chemiluminescence assays for measuring reporter gene activity, cAMP activity, or the activity of any target of interest with our adaptable ELISA assay formats. These assays utilize optimized enzyme substrates to consistently provide high intensity signal, low background, high sensitivity, wide dynamic range, and rapid results, and are compatible with multiple assay formats under physiologically relevant conditions.

Chemiluminescent Reporter Gene Assays

 Chemiluminescent reporter gene assays are available in three formats: secreted alkaline phosphatase reporter, β-galactosidase reporter, and dual β-galactosidase and firefly luciferase reporter formats.

Chemiluminescent ELISA Substrate

 Easy, ready-to-use ELISA kits enable sensitive detection of any target of interest with four flexible kit formats or a convenient sampler pack option.

Chemiluminescent Immunoblot Detection

 Western blotting is made easier with Life Technologies™ antibodies, labeling reagents, and optimized detection kits like WesternBreeze® Immunodetection Kits.  WesternBreeze® Chemiluminescent Immunodetection Kits contain complete, optimized, ready-to-use reagents for sensitive immunodetection.

Cyclic AMP Detection

 Ultra-sensitive quantitation of cyclic AMP (cAMP) in cell lysates is easier than ever with optimized, ready-to-use reagents and a high-throughput compatible format.