Life Technologies now offers a broad range of applications and targets, combining the breadth and quality of Novex® and Molecular Probes® antibodies and Gibco® recombinant proteins.  We are always creating new, innovative products to meet your rapidly changing research needs. New products are released every month.

ABfinity™ Monoclonal and Oligoclonal Antibodies

Antibody Target Host Clonality Reactive Species* App** Cat. No.
ACTHRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA710317
Apo A1Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710263
Apo A1Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, WB, ELISA 701239
Apo A2Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710260
Apo A2Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB, ICC 701236
Apo C3Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, WB, ELISA 701238
Apo C3Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, WB, ELISA 710262
Apo ERabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA ICC 701241
Apo ERabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB, ICC 710265
BAFFRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710268
BAFFRabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701244
BDNFRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710306
Beta -2-MicroglobulinRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710274
Beta -2-MicroglobulinRabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB 701250
EIF2a [pS51]Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA, ICC 701268
EIF2a [pS51]Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, WB, ELISA 710292
GhrelinRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710266
GLP1Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710320
GlucagonRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710316
HA tagRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710236
His tagRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710286
Histone H3 (AcK9)Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA, ICC 710293
Histone H3 (AcK9)Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA, ICC 701269
I K B-AlphaRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710295
I K B-Alpha [pS32]Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701271
ICAM1Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701254
ICAM-1Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710278
IFN alphaRabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701275
IFN alphaRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710299
IFN-gammaRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710287
IFN-gammaRabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 701263
IL1 betaRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710270
IL-12B [p40]Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710257
IL-12B [p40]Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 701233
IL-13Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 701123
IL-23Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710259
IL-23Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701235
IL4 (Ms)Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710254
IL8Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710256
IL-8 (Sw)Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710371
IL8 (Swine)Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701276
Ki-67Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, ELISA 701198
LMO2Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 701156
MAP2K1 [pSpS217/221]Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710291
MAP2K1 [pSpS217/221]Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701267
Metadherin (C-term)Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB, ICC 701171
MMP10Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710312
Muc 18Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB 701199
P53 [AcK 382]Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA, ICC 710294
p70S6KRabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 701261
p70S6KRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA 710285
P-SelectinRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB, ICC 710281
P-SelectinRabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, WB, ELISA 701257
Rb [pS780]Rabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA, ICC 701272
Rb [pS780]Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, WB, ELISA 710296
Rb [pT821]Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB, ELISA, ICC 710314
Tau [pS396]Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ICC, WB, ELISA 710298
TGFB2Rabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human WB 710276
TNAF alphaRabbit Oligoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA, WB 710288
TNF-alphaRabbit Monoclonal-Recombinant Human ELISA 701264
TOPKMouse Monoclonal Human IP 730013
TSC2Mouse Monoclonal Human IP 730014

Epigenetic Antibodies

Antibody Target Host Clonality Reactive Species* App** Cat. No.
MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730006
BRD4MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730007
EP300MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730005
L3MBTL3MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730001
MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730012
PRDM4MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730003
SMARCA4MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730011
TDRD3MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730004
ATAD2BMouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730037
BAZ2BMouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730049
BRD3MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730024
BRD4MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730047
CBX2MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730039
CBX3MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730018
MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730045
CBX5MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730019
CBX5MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730046
CECR2MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730031
EHMT1MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730057
MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730044
FALZ/FALZAMouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730026
KDM5CMouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730021
L3MBTL1MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730022
L3MBTL2MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730017
L3MBTL2MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730048
L3MBTL3MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730040
MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730034
MEN1MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730042
PB1AMouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730027
PRDM10MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730038
PRDM4MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730035
PRDM4MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730043
PRDM9MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730062
MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730020
PRMT5MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730054
SCML2MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730052
SETD3MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730058
SETD7MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730055
MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730059
SFMBT1MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730023
SFMBT2MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730036
SFMBT2MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730050
SMARCA2MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730025
SMARCA4MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730051
SMYD3MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730061
MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730060
TAF1MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730032
TAF1AMouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730028
TDRD3MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730030
TDRD3MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730063
MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730053
TOPKMouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730064
TRIM28AMouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730029
TSC2MouseRecombinant human IgG1 FabHumanIP730041
WDR5MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730033
WHSC1L1MouseRecombinant mouse monoclonal IgG1HumanIP730056

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*Reactive species: Amph=amphibian, B=bovine, Ce=C. elegans, Ch=chicken, Cn=canine, Cp=chimpanzee, Dm=Drosophila melanogaster, E=equine, Ec=E.coli, F=feline, Gf=goldfish, Gm=gila monster, Gp=guinea pig, Gt=goat, Ha=hamster, Hu=human, M=mink, Mk=monkey, Ms=mouse, Or=orangutan, Ov=sheep, P=pigeon, Q=quail, Rb=rabbit, Rt=rat, Sn=snake, Sq=squid, Sw=swine, Tk=turkey, Wk=woodchuck, X=xenopus, Yt=yeast, Z=zebrafish.

**Application: BS=Biological Studies, DB=Dot Blots, E=ELISA, EL=Electrophoresis, EM=Electron Microscopy, EMSA=Electrophoretic Mobility Shift, FC=Flow Cytometry, FS=Functional Studies, IC=Immunocapture, ICC=Immunocytochemistry, IF=Immunofluorescence, IHC=Immunohistochemistry, IP=Immunoprecipitation, (co)=Co-immunoprecipitation, KA=Kinase Assay, N=Neutralizing, RIA=Radioimmunoassay, WB=Western Blot. Application validated by external testing or publication.

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