Life Technologies offers a wide assortment of antibodies for your everyday flow cytometry research. Here you will find the newest antibodies released specifically for flow cytometry. Check back each month as we will continually list the latest antibodies released for flow cytometry.

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Antibody conjugates for the detection of TCRαβ—new anti–mouse TCRαβ conjugates for flow cytometry

What they are

Molecular Probes® is expanding its portfolio of over 1000 highly specific primary antibodies for flow cytometry to include more research use only (RUO) selections. The anti–mouse TCRαβ antibody has been conjugated to a variety of fluorophores to expand your research options. The TCRαβ antibody, clone H57-597 (produced by Armenian hamster cells), has been shown to induce immature thymocytes to undergo apoptosis.

What they offer

  • Trusted—Molecular Probes® brand
  • Validated—All antibodies are tested in flow cytometry applications
  • Selection—Expanded offerings of primary antibody conjugates for flow cytometry

How they work

Life Technologies primary antibodies provide direct detection of antigens. All Life Technologies antibodies designated “for flow cytometry” have been tested and validated for use in flow cytometry.

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new anti–mouse TCRαβ conjugates for flow cytometry

Figure 1. Flow cytometric analysis of cells expressing the αβ heterodimer T cell receptor (TCRαβ). BALB/c splenocytes were double-stained with TCRαβ hamster anti-mouse mAb (clone H57-597), PE-Cy®5.5 conjugate and rat anti–mouse CD3–R-PE, gated on small lymphocytes and analyzed by flow cytometry.

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