Cell Viability Assays for Flow Cytometry

Dead cells often give false positive results as they tend to bind nonspecifically to many reagents. Therefore, removing dead cells from your flow cytometry data is a critical step to ensure accurate results and analysis. Molecular Probes® cell viability assays for flow cytometry help researchers distinguish live and dead cell populations more accurately than only using forward and side scatter characteristics.

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Nucleic Acid Dead Cell Stains

Nucleic Acid Dead Cell Stains

Molecular Probes® SYTOX® family of dead cell stains provide bright, accurate dead-cell discrimination in a variety of color options to meet any flow cytometry experimental design.

  • High–affinity nucleic acid stains for easy dead-cell discrimination
  • Multiple colors with minimal spectral overlap for expanded multicolor capabilities
  • No wash steps; just add, incubate, and analyze, for simplified protocols

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Fixable Dead Cell Stains

LIVE/DEAD® Fixable Dead Cell Stains

Molecular Probes® LIVE/DEAD® Fixable Dead Cell Stain Kits are designed to ensure accurate assessment of cell viability in samples after fixation and/or permeabilization.

  • Fixable—staining retained after fixation for simple live/dead analysis with intracellular phenotyping
  • Simple—fits into almost any staining and phenotyping protocols
  • Flexible—seven colors from which to choose for UV, 405, 488, or 633 lasers

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LIVE/DEAD® Cell Viability Assays

Life Technologies™ offers complete solutions for easy, sensitive determination of cell viability, cell vitality and compound cytotoxicity.

  • Available for animal, bacterial, yeast, and fungal cells
  • Compatible cell viability assays for flow cytometry, fluorescence imaging, and microplate assays
  • Multiple fluorescence emissions available from blue to far red

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