Attune® Software (v2.1.0) and Computer Upgrade Kit

The Attune® software design was developed with customer ease-of-use in mind. V2.1.0 has added functionality to enable faster analysis as well as rapid processing of multiple samples by automatically analyzing samples from 96- or 384-well standard plates and deep-well plates.

What’s New In Attune® Software v2.1.0?

  • Better performance—responsiveness of software v2.1.0 is dramatically improved over v1.2.5
  • Faster analysis of samples—save time with batch processing, ability to select multiple objects, and easier experiment setup and data analysis
  • Sample recovery—no other syringe-driven system offers the ability to recover unused samples
  • Increased functionality—additional functionality beyond supporting the use of 96- and 384-well plates

Increased Functionality Includes:

  • Compensation from plate wells or tubes
  • Heat mapping for easy data visualization
  • Recovery of sample in tube mode at the end of sample processing
  • Batch exporting of FCS files, statistics, and printing, including multi-sample, specimen, and experiment level
  • Formatting of workspace, including justification tools for workspace objects
  • Ability to define the number of events to be displayed, up to 5 million
  • Single Click Record option without need to press Run and then Record
  • Ability to select multiple objects on the workspace
  • New global and local workspace functionality
  • Ability to print workspace and performance tests
  • Ability to set population on a plot using hyperlink shortcut in plot title

Do I Need to Purchase an Upgrade Kit?

Purchased Attune® Cytometer
before January 1st, 2013


Purchased Attune® Cytometer
after January 1st, 2013


You own an
Attune® Autosampler






What’s Included In the Upgrade Kit?

The Attune® Software (v2.1.0) and Computer Upgrade Kit includes:

  • A Dell® 64-bit computer with the Windows® 7 operating system
  • Attune® Cytometric Software v2.1 and v2.1 Documentation Kit
  • A visit by trained service personnel to assist in the transfer of data from the existing computer system

Download the Upgrade Kit Flyer

How to Purchase the Upgrade Kit

There are two ways to purchase the upgrade kit:

  1. Standalone Kit: Attune® Software (v2.1.0) and Computer Upgrade Kit, including on-site installation and data transfer (Cat. No. 4481653)
    - OR -
  2. Kit + Service Contract: 1-year service contract (Cat. No. ZG11SCATTUNE) and the upgrade kit (Cat. No. 4481653) together (35% savings compared to purchasing separately). Contact your sales rep to request a quote.
* Version 2.1.0 requires 64-bit Windows® 7 Pro. 8GB RAM with minimal 500GB storage are recommended.