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Published Articles

  • Single-Cell Adhesion Tests against Functionalized Microspheres Arrayed on AFM Cantilevers Confirm Heterophilic E- and N-Cadherin Binding.  Ounkomol C, Yamada S, Heinrich V (2010) Biophys J 99:  L100–L102.
  • The Use of Spinning-Disk Confocal Microscopy for the Intravital Analysis of Platelet Dynamics in Response to Systemic and Local Inflammation.  Jenne CN, Wong CHY, Petri B, Kubes P (2011) PLoS ONE 6(9):  e25109.
  • Fibroblasts Expressing the Thyrotropin Receptor Overarch Thyroid and Orbit in Graves’ Disease.  Smith TJ, Padovani-Claudio DA, Lu Y, Raychaudhuri N, Fernando R, Atkins S, Gillespie EF, Gianoukakis AG, Miller BS, Gauger PG, Doherty GM, Douglas RS (2011) J Clin Endocrinol Metab 96(12):  3827–3837.
  • Functional Innervation of Hepatic iNKT Cells Is Immunosuppressive Following Stroke. Wong CHY, Jenne CN, Lee W-Y, Léger C, Kubes P (2011) Science 334:  101-105.

Application Notes

  • Mouse Immunophenotyping
    A no-lyse, no-wash, and no-cell loss method using theAttune® Acoustic Focusing Cytometer

Find Attune® cytometer scientific posters focusing on many areas such as sensitivity and throughput, multi-color immunophenotyping analysis, rare event detection, and disease research.

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