AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System is the first user friendly, animal-free bioscaffold available for the development of higher-fidelity cell culture models that are more predictive of disease states and drug responses.

  • Three-dimensional, porous alginate cell culture platform
  • Chemically defined, animal-origin free material
  • Supports formation of 3D cellular aggregates that more closely reflect normal cell morphology and behavior
  • Easy visualization of cells
  • Non-enzymatic cell recovery within minutes
  • Lyophilized product available in 6-well, 24-well, and 96-well plate formats

AlgiMatrix® Products - Plates

Sku Name Size Price Qty
12684015 AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System, 96-well plate 1 x 96 well plate USD 202.00
12684031 AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System, 96-well plate 5 x 96 well plates USD 950.00
12684023 AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System, 24-well plate 1 x 24 well plate USD 204.00
12684049 AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System, 24-well plate 4 x 24 well plates USD 772.00
A1098201 AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System, 6-well plate 1 x 6 well plate USD 214.00
A1098202 AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System, 6-well plate 4 x 6 well plates USD 810.00
A1091501 AlgiMatrix™ Firming Buffer 50 mL USD 13.50
A1134001 AlgiMatrix™ Dissolving Buffer 50 mL USD 28.00

AlgiMatrix® Product Information

The AlgiMatrix® 3D Culture System is available in 96 and 24 well formats that integrate well into any workflow.  Cells can be inoculated directly into sterile microtiter plates preloaded with lyophilized alginate sponge; no pretreatment or other preparation is required.

AlgiMatrix® sponge is formulated using pharmaceutical-grade raw material from brown seaweed.  Its pure, chemically defined, and nontoxic macro porous structure improved lot-to-lot consistency, superior cell loading and excellent nutrient delivery, without damage to cells.  The AlgiMatrix® sponge is biodegradable and is stable at room temperature.

The AlgiMatrix® 3D Culture System is suitable for a broad range of procedures; including Multicellular tumor spheroid assays (MCTS), hepatocyte and cardiomyocyte organogenesis studies, co-culture studies, high-throughput drug screening assays, and embryonic stem cell 3D differentiation.  This broad applicability fulfills a critical need for cell-based screening, drug discovery, and in vitro human cell therapy research.

Downstream Applications

After spheroids have formed and the desired experimental parameters met (culture duration, inducers, etc) perform assays as desired:

  • To assess cell viability and proliferation, use Alamar Blue™ directly on spheroids within the AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

  • To perform assays on isolated spheroids, dissolve AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System with iso-osmolar trisodium citrate.

  • To isolate individual cells, isolate spheroids as described above and add 2 ml TrypLE™ Select or Trypsin-EDTA to a 15 ml centrifuge tube with spheroids, place at 37°C and triturate several times for 15-20 minutes.  Proceed with downstream assay.

  • For antibody staining, embed AlgiMatrix™ 3D Culture System – containing spheroids in paraffin according to your regular protocol before sectioning.