Cell Counting
Cell counting and cell viability determinations are routinely required for basic cell culture passaging and standardized cell samples. We offer GIBCO® reagents for the Trypan Blue exclusion method, a well-established standard technique.

Cell Counting & Viability

We offer products for counting cells as well as assessing viability, proliferation and toxicity using a range of methods from light microscopy to flourometric to flow cytometry.  Increase experimental efficiency while maintaining reliability using our kits and assays for more robust and repeatable data.


When selecting cryopreservation media, consider trying out Invitrogen’s line of animal origin-free and pre-made optimized serum based freezing media.  Improve viability and recovery after thawing by using our Recovery™ media and have the added security your mammalian cell lines will always be safely stored and easily recovered when needed.