Optimal T cell expansion

New GIBCO® OpTmizer™ SFM and the proven AIM V® Medium.

We survive in a hostile environment of viruses, bacteria, and parasites. The immune system provides a line of defense against these assaults and against neoplastic events, and develops memory to respond quickly to subsequent exposures. Cellular interactions and their exquisite control lie at the heart of the immune response; dissecting these interactions is crucial to understanding how the system functions.

Although the immune system functions in the complex architecture of the body, much of our understanding of this system grew out of triggering a portion of it in partial isolation to produce a response that mimics in vivo function. This approach requires tools to identify key cell types, physically separate immune response cells, and support T cell function in vitro either for study or to reintroduce in vivo.
Sku Name Size Price Qty
A1048501 CTS™ OpTmizer™ T Cell Expansion SFM 1,000 mL USD 136.00
0870112DK CTS™ AIM V® Medium 1,000 mL USD 134.00
0870112BK CTS™ AIM V® Medium 10 L USD 934.00
12055091 AIM V® Medium, liquid (research grade) 500 mL USD 64.50
31035025 AIM V® Medium (research grade), AlbuMAX® Supplement 500 mL USD 79.00
12055083 AIM V® Medium, liquid (research grade) 1,000 mL USD 114.00