If you are already performing cloning and looking for a specific reagent to meet your research needs, this area has everything you need to proceed.

Competent CellsCompetent Cells
Chemically, electrocompetent, expression and competent cells for specialized applications in multiple packaging formats.
 Restriction Enzyme Digestion & LigationRestriction Enzymes
Restriction enzymes offer a traditional method for DNA cloning and other DNA analyses.
Our primer design tools are seamlessly connected to our online ordering system, so you never have to cut and paste sequences.
 PCR CloningCloning Kits
DNA PurificationDNA Purification
Sensitive, scalable purification from diverse starting materials to maximize process efficiency and downstream performance.
 PCR CloningcDNA Libraries & Library Construction
SuperScript® premade cDNA libraries, first-strand cDNAs, RACE and cDNA library construction kits.
premade clonesPremade Clones
Eliminate RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis, and sequence validation using open reading frame clones.
 transformationPCR Enzymes
Taq polymerases, such as AmpliTaq 360 DNA Polymerase, Platinum® Taq and AmpliTaq Gold® 360 DNA for basic and complex PCR applications.
Reverse TranscriptionReverse Transcription
Reverse transcription enzymes and first-strand synthesis kits to obtain high-quality cDNA.
 transformationNucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis
Separate nucleic acids using E-Gel® and Novex® gels for fast and accurate results.
GENEART® Site-Directed Mutagenesis System provides a convenient & highly efficient means to generate mutant target proteins in vitro.

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