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Do-it-yourself gene synthesis

GeneArt® Gene Synthesis Kit
& CorrectASE™ enzyme

Uncloned gene fragments

GeneArt® Strings™ DNA Fragments

Full gene synthesis service

GeneArt® Gene Synthesis

Full vector construction service

GeneArt® Elements™ Vector Construction

Vector optimization

GeneArt® Elements™ Combinatorial Parts Assembly

Gene synthesis and protein production

GeneArt® Genes-to-Proteins

What we do Provide all reagents to perform gene synthesis from oligo assembly to gene cloning, including CorrectASE™ enzyme Synthesis of linear dsDNA fragments up to 3 kb Synthesis of DNA of interest, cloning of DNA into standard vector or expression vector of choice (ready to use) Synthesis of complete vectors using defined DNA parts with known sequence/function, in combination with custom sequences Synthesis of individually optimized vectors based on various combinations of multiple specific DNA parts Expression and purification of proteins from mammalian cells as all-in-one solution, starting from only the electronic nucleotide sequence
  • Full cost control
  • Every step in your hands
  • CorrectASE™ enzyme helps reduce oligo-based mutations
  • Affordable and fast
  • Gene design flexibility
  • Gene optimization function
  • No physical template required
  • Reliable technology available to clone or assemble your complete gene (e.g., GeneArt® Type IIs Assembly Kits)
  • Convenient ordering
  • Full sequence design flexibility
  • Synthesis of large sequences (<100 kb)
  • Full gene optimization
  • No physical template required
  • Synthesis of complex sequences (e.g., high/low GC content)
  • Downstream services available
  • Predefined DNA parts from repository
  • CAD-like design/ordering software
  • No physical template required
  • DNA parts may be used multiple times
  • All parts combinations are possible
  • Identify the combination of parts that fits your needs
  • No physical template required
  • All production steps from a single-source provider
  • Experienced scientists
  • Reliable and advanced expression systems (FreeStyle™ 293, CHO, and Expi293™)
  • Expression-optimized genes
  • Expression scales from mL to 25 L
  • No physical template required
Hands-on time High Medium Low Low Low None
Deliverables Kit (10 reactions) 200 ng linear dsDNA, uncloned (lyophilized) 5 µg lyophilized plasmid DNA 5 µg lyophilized plasmid DNA 5 µg lyophilized plasmid DNA Protein of interest and expression vector used for transfection
Production time* N/A
  • 5 business days for <1 kb
  • 8 business days for 1–3 kb
  • 9 business days for genes <1,200 bp
  • 14 business days for genes <3,000 bp
  • Express and SuperSPEED options are available
Project-specific Project-specific Typically 30 business days
Length Recommended for up to 1 kb Up to 3 kb Up to 100 kb Up to 12 kb vectors Up to 12 kb vectors N/A
Quality control N/A Bulk sequencing 100% sequence-verified 100% sequence-verified and IP check 100% sequence-verified Detailed documentation, including Coomassie-stained PAGE gel and western blot
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*Number of days for production and to initiate the shipping process, NOT the number of days it will take to receive the delivery. Delivery time varies depending on location.