You need your synthetic gene constructs quickly—to help you get your research on the fast track, we offer three different production/delivery time options for GeneArt® Gene Synthesis services. Regardless of the option you choose, the GeneArt® Gene Synthesis service always provides the same reliable, high-quality production, quality control, and documentation for your project.

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Gene LengthProduction time (business days)
Standard* Express*SuperSPEED***
≤1,200 bp**975
1,201**–1,800 bp14127
1,801–3,000 bp1412n/a
3,001–5,000 bp1917n/a
>5,000 bpGet a quoteGet a quoten/a
Complex sequencesGet a quoteGet a quoten/a

*Valid for standard gene synthesis (non-complex, GC content 10% - 80%).

**In case of GC content of 10% - 20%  or 75% - 80%: 1,000 bp instead of 1,200 bp.

***Subject to sequence assessment. Order must be placed by 3:00 p.m. CET.

Please note: Rarely, requested sequences are found to be toxic and/or genetically unstable. These production times are only valid for nontoxic sequences that are genetically stable in E. coli.

How We Do It

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Get Your Synthetic Gene a Few Days Earlier with Express Delivery

The GeneArt® Express Delivery upgrade shaves a few days off your production time economically.  Just select the “express delivery” option when you set up your project using our online customer portal or get a delivery time and price estimate by contacting us—see the “contact & help” link on the customer portal.

GeneObserver® Online Tracking Lets You See Your Project Status Anytime

The GeneObserver® online tracking system lets you see the progress of your project at any time. Data on each project are automatically uploaded to the GeneObserver® system in real-time as project moves through the production pipeline. Additional comments may also be entered by our production scientists.

Shortly after placing your GeneArt® Gene Synthesis service order, you will be sent an e-mail with a secure link for each gene, variant, or subcloning request. Simply log in to the online customer portal and access GeneObserver® reports for your project(s), including status information and estimated delivery time. 

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.