Technology Derived From Nature

At Life Technologies we’re committed to helping improve the human condition and the world around us, by way of breakthrough research and scientific advancements. In 2012, we launched our GeneArt® TALs custom genome editing service; a novel technology derived from Xanthomonas. The precision TAL technology has been shown to be effective in a broad range of organisms including plants, algae, and fungi. GeneArt® TALs is the first technology of its kind that’s ideal for plant research scientists, offering research use access with a clear licensing path for commercial use through the Two Blades Foundation.

Precise plant genome editing has arrived; every locus is now within your reach.

Ordering Information

  1. Select the functionality of your TAL.
  • Nuclease Function—for gene targeting or gene silencing at any locus
  • Activator Function—for gene activation and gene expression
  • Repressor Function—for down-regulating gene expression
  • Custom Function—to deploy a custom effector domain (via multiple cloning site) into a vector of your choice
  1. Decide which product you’d like to purchase.
    There are six purchase options when ordering your GeneArt® TALs however, Native TAL FokI is the ideal option for plant sciences research
  1. Download and complete the TALs order form and email it to The order form is also available in our online portal.

Our TALs specialists can also help you design your project and complete your order.

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About This Plant-Based Technology

Precision TALs derived from Xanthomonas, a genus of plant pathogens. The pathogen specifically recognizes DNA of the host with a protein containing 17–18 repeats of approximately 34 amino acids each. The nucleotide specificity is conferred by amino acids 12 and 13 within each repeat. Each nucleotide in the target DNA is recognized by one repeat.

This 1-to-1 relationship can be used to specifically target any locus in the genome.