Rapid and Efficient DNA Extraction From Blood

Genotyping has become an essential application in clinical trials for pharmacogenomics studies. The emergence of pharmacogenomic centers of excellence has resulted in an increasing need for purification of high-quality genomic DNA from large volumes of blood. Since samples are collected and shipped worldwide, every sample may require different storage and shipping conditions. Choosing the right genomic DNA extraction from blood is important based on your needs and expected end results. Life Technologies offers a wide range of kits designed for DNA extraction from blood or serum samples at the purity and scale you need.

Which DNA Extraction From Blood Kit is right for you?

Cost effective, designed for blood and sera Rapid processing for scale and automation Most versatile, can handle variety of sample types Large volume processing (10 mL), ideal for tough and degraded samples
RecommendationMost citedFastest protocolTop seller 
Blood Sample TypeWhole blood (fresh), serumWhole blood (fresh, frozen, or treated blood [e.g., EDTA, citrate, ACD, heparin]) Whole blood (fresh, frozen, or treated blood [e.g., EDTA, citrate, ACD, heparin]), buffy coat, bone marrow Whole blood (fresh, frozen, repeatedly frozen/thawed and archived samples, or treated blood [e.g., EDTA, citrate, ACD, heparin] and degraded samples)
Starting Material500 µL blood10–20 µL serum
50–100 µL blood
 Up to 200 µL blood** (single pass)
Up to 1 mL blood (multiple pass)
 3–10 mL blood
Yield10-20 µg DNAUp to 600 ng DNA 3–10 µg DNA for 200 µL 60–300 µg DNA
Protocol Time30–60 min<15 min <20 min 40 min
Isolation TechnologyOrganic extractionChargeSwitch® Chemistry, beads, 96-well plates Silica Spin Column Magnetic bead
High Throughput CompatabilityNoYes No (option available) No (option available)
High Throughput / AutomationChargeSwitch® Direct 96 gDNA Kit PureLink® Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit GeneCatcher™ gDNA Automated Blood Kit (96 x 10 mL)
Kit Size Available100 mL50 preps, blood
960 preps, blood
50 preps, serum
10 preps
50 preps
250 preps
 96 preps (for samples 0.3–1 mL)
200 mL (for samples 3–10 mL)
Cost/Prep$1.71$2.61 $2.26 $4.52*
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*based on 3 mL sample
**Additional Pro K and lysis buffer needed.


Other Products of Interest
In addition to DNA and RNA isolation products, Life Technologies offers an expansive portfolio of solutions for analysis and quantitation of tissue and cultured cell genomic DNA.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.