Plasmid Isolation

Plasmid isolation is a basic technique performed in most molecular biology laboratories. Multi-sample processing is often required to complete both plasmid isolation and subsequent downstream experimentation. Designed to isolate plasmid DNA at the purity and scale you need, our range of Invitrogen™ plasmid isolation kits have been developed with your experimental specifications and your throughput demands in mind.

What type of plasmid isolation kit is right for you?

Desired DNA Yield

20–40 µg

200 µg

500–850 µg

2.5 mg

10 mg

Plasmid DNA Kit

Miniprep Midiprep Maxiprep
Megaprep Gigaprep

EveryPrep™ Universal Manifold

Plasmid isolation accessories

Product Application
MagnaRack™ Magnetic Separators For use with ChargeSwitch® products or any magnetic bead–based product
PureLink® Nucleic Acid Purification Rack For use with PureLink® HiPure Mini, Midi, and Maxiprep columns
96-well Magnetic Separator For use for automation of most ChargeSwitch® products or any magnetic bead–based product
PureLink® HiPure Precipitator Module For precipitation and desalting of plasmid DNA
PureLink® HiPure BAC Buffer Kits Additional PureLink® HiPure buffers for larger culture volumes

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