Molecular Probes® fluorescent nucleic acid gel stains—SYBR® Gold, SYBR® Green I, SYBR® Green II, and SYBR® Safe dyes—are highly sensitive reagents for staining DNA in electrophoresis gels. These gel stains provide greater sensitivity, with lower background fluorescence, than the conventional ethidium bromide gel stain.

In addition, SYBR® Safe DNA gel stain exhibited very low mutagenicity compared to ethidium bromide, when tested by an independent, licensed testing laboratory, and it is not classified as hazardous waste or as a pollutant under U.S. federal regulations.

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  Detection of nucleic acids in agarose gels & CsCl gradients Safer, smarter alternative to EtBr Ultimate Sensitivity for capillary electrophoresis & real-time PCR Ultimate sensitivity for DNA detection
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Sensitivity - dsDNASensitive
(1 ng)
(3 ng)
Highly Sensitive
(>60 pg)
Ultra Sensitive
(>25 pg)
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Recommended for Gel Electrophoresisyesyesyes
Recommended for ssDNA  yes
Improved Cloning Efficiency / Avoid UV-Induced Nicked DNA yesyesyes
Package sizes10 mL0.4 mL, 1 L (ready to use), & 4 L (ready to use)0.5 mL & 1 mL0.5 mL
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