Automatically run 48 to 96 samples per gel and more

Turn routine agarose gel electrophoresis into an automated, high-throughput operation with E-Gel® 48 or 96 gels and E-Base™ integrated power systems. Whether you are analyzing multiple PCR products, plasmid preparations, or restriction digests or are performing SNP analysis, there is an E-Gel® precast agarose gel for your throughput needs.

  • Integrated system with small footprint
  • Well format compatible with most robotic loading systems
  • Bar-coded cassettes for easy tracking

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E-Gel® 48 or 96 Gels

E-Gel® 48 gels have two rows, each containing 24 sample and 2 marker wells with a 3.2 cm run length. The 4% E-Gel® 48 gels are made with high-resolution agarose for clear band resolution and distinct band separation. Loading E-Gel® 48 gels is fast and simple with a multichannel pipettor, or use robotic liquid handling systems for increased throughput. E-Gel® 48 gels run in E-Base™ devices in just 20 minutes.

E-Gel® 96 gels contain 96 sample lanes and 8 marker lanes, staggered to provide a 1.6 cm run length with resolution between 100 bp to 10 kb. The staggered-well format is compatible with 8-, 12-, or 96-tip robotic loading systems. Band identification and tracking are effortless, with fluorescent lane numbers that instantly transfer during photodocumentation. E-Gel® 96 gels run in E-Base™ devices in just 12 minutes.

E-Gel® 96 gels come with a choice of either SYBR® Safe stain or ethidium bromide as the incorporated DNA stain. SYBR® Safe is a nontoxic, nonmutagenic DNA gel stain that is less hazardous than ethidium bromide.

E-Base™ Integrated Power System

E-Gel® 48 and E-Gel® 96 gels run on a specially designed space-saving system of Mother and Daughter E-Base™ devices—each a combined gel base and power supply. These integrated, all-inclusive power supplies have a small benchtop footprint measuring only 5.5 x 6 inches per base. Two types of bases are offered:

1. The Mother E-Base™ device comes with a power cord that can be plugged directly into any standard electric outlet and is used for electrophoresis of one gel.

2. The Daughter E-Base™ device connects to the Mother E-Base™ device and to other Daughter E- Base™ devices to create a multi-unit system capable of running more than 20 gels at once. The Daughter E- Base™ device does not have a power cord and cannot be used without a Mother E- Base™ device.

Each base has an LED indicator light, digital timer display, and power/program and timer button to indicate and control the electrophoresis process. Preset programs include a 12-minute DNA program for running E-Gel® 96 agarose gels and a 20-minute run time for E-Gel® 48 gels.

E-Holder™ Platform

The E-Holder™ platform is designed with a spring-loaded mechanism so that the E-Gel® 96 and E-Gel® 48 gel cassettes stay firmly in place during robotic loading. This allows reproducible placement and loading from one gel to the next without having to make adjustments to the robot loading software. In addition, the E-Holder™ platform allows you to load samples on one E-Gel® 96 or E-Gel® 48 gel while other gels are running in the Mother or Daughter E-Base™ combination.

E-Editor™ 2.0 Software

Analysis of E-Gel® 48 and 96 results is fast and easy using E-Editor™ 2.0 software. E-Editor™ 2.0 software takes the digital image of your gel and reconfigures the lanes into one regrouped and aligned image for easy comparison, documentation, and reference back to the original plate coordinates, for quick identification of important results. The E-Editor™ 2.0 software is available free of charge with the purchase of E-Gel® 48 and 96 gels and related equipment.

Ordering Information

Sku Name Size Price Qty
EBM03 Mother E-Base™ Device 1 unit USD 512.00
EBD03 Daughter E-Base™ device 1 unit USD 484.00
EH03 E-Holder™ Platform 2 units USD 279.00
G800801 E-Gel® 48 Agarose Gels, 1% 8 packs USD 215.00
G800802 E-Gel® 48 Agarose Gels, 2% 8 gels USD 215.00
G800804 E-Gel® 48 Agarose Gels, 4% 8 gels USD 229.00
G720802 E-Gel® 96 Gels with SYBR® Safe DNA Gel Stain, 2% 8 gels USD 219.00
G700801 E-Gel® 96 Agarose Gels, 1% 8 gels USD 219.00
G700802 E-Gel® 96 Agarose Gels, 2% 8 gels USD 219.00