Whole Transcriptome analysis is of growing importance in understanding how altered expression of genetic variants contributes to complex diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. Analysis of genome-wide differential RNA expression provides researchers with greater insights into biological pathways and molecular mechanisms that regulate cell fate, development, and disease progression.  Life Technologies offers an extensive range of products from microarray labeling reagents to next generation sequencing reagents and instrumentation to help capture the complexity of the whole Transcriptome analysis.

RNA Purification & Transcriptome Enrichment

Successful whole transcriptome analysis depends on RNA quality and efficient conversion to cDNA libraries.Invitrogen™ and Ambion® Transcriptome analysis sample preparation solutions are designed to be optimized for your desired workflow. Optimized sample preparation means complete solutions from one source, that minimize further manipulation and are flexible enough to work with a broad range of starting samples, for greater confidence, and accountability to help troubleshoot when needed.

Expression Microarrays Labeling

Gene arrays have become a powerful approach for comparing complex sample RNA populations. Using array analysis, the expression profiles of normal and tumor tissues, treated and untreated cell cultures, developmental stages of an organism or tissue, and different tissues can be compared to gain a better understanding of the Transcriptome.

Next-Generation Sequencing

With a dynamic range to detect subtle changes in expression level in a hypothesis-neutral environment, next generation sequencing helps provide an understanding of biological response to stimuli or environmental changes.  The accuracy and throughput of the 5500xl Genetic Analyzer enables unparalleled analysis of all known and novel RNAs in a Transcriptome.

The SOLiD® Total RNA-Seq Kit and Ultra–High-Throughput 5500xl Genetic Analyzer are for research use only and are not for use in diagnostic procedures.