The Varioskan® Flash from Thermo Scientific has received the LanthaScreen® Certified designation from Life Technologies which ensures that this reader is validated to strict standards in instrument setup and assay performance.

Before using LanthaScreen® Terbium and Europium assays

Test your plate reader set-up

These technical notes provide a method for verifying that a fluorescent plate reader is able to detect a change in time-resolved fluorescence energy transfer (TR-FRET) signal, confirming proper instrument set-up and a suitable response. The method is independent of any biological reaction or equilibrium and uses reagents that are on-hand for the LanthaScreen® assay.

Download Terbium assay application note

Download Europium assay application note

Varioskan® Flash Multimode Reader




Instrument Configuration:

Assay Technology  Adapta® &
GeneBLAzer® LanthaScreen®
Omnia® Predictor™ Z'-LYTE®
ModalityTR-FRETFRET (bottom)TR-FRETFI (kinetic)FPFRET
Setup Guide

Reader not

Application Note ---
Poster ------
Excitation340/12 409/12332/12360/12 -400/12 
Emission 1615/12 460/12488/12485/12 -460/12 
Emission 2665/12 530/12518/12NA-530/12 

* Optics shown as center wavelength/bandwidth (nm); Contact Thermo Scientific for information on detection modalities suitable with the microplate reader listed above.                    
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