With over 420 kinase proteins now available for purchase, Life Technologies offers the broadest selection of kinases anywhere.

All kinases we offer provide the consistency and reliability kinase researchers and drug discovery scientists require for their projects. We have established a strictly controlled kinase validation process to maintain target consistency and reproducibility.

Utilize the same kinases that we use in our premier SelectScreen® Kinase Profiling Services.

  • All kinases manufactured under the strictest quality standards to ensure consistent, reliable performance
  • Get volume discounts and request specific lots; all kinases available in 10 µg, 100 µg and 1 mg pack sizes
  • Usage guidance provided from our online validation packets (click any SKU number in the table below to access validation documents).
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Life Technologies Kinase Target Portfolio

Use the table below to find your kinase of interest and compatible Life Technologies kinase assays. Click any SKU number to access product and pricing information.  To request specific lots or access volume/assay bundling discounts, please contact


Compatible Assays Key


Classification Key

   LanthaScreen™ Kinase Activity Assay  Serine/Threonine Kinase   S/TK  
 LanthaScreen™ Eu Kinase Binding Assay Cytoplasmic Tyrosine KinaseCTK  
 Adapta® Assay Receptor Tyrosine KinaseRTK  
 Z’-LYTE®  Assay 


Lipid KinaseLipid 

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All Kinases

 All bolded SKU numbers are available in 20ug instead of 10ug, and all italicized SKU numbers are available in 5 ug instead of 10 ug.

Kinase Name (Alias) Class
   10 ug              100 ug
Compatible Assays
Available in SelectScreen®
ABL1 CTK P3049 PR4348B PV3585 yes
ABL1 E255K CTK PV3864 PR7420A PV4182  yes
ABL1 G250E CTK PV3865 PR7426A PV4183  yes
ABL1 H396P Tyr-Cytoplasmic PV6148 PV6149 PV6150     yes
ABL1 M351T Tyr-Cytoplasmic PV6151 PV6152 PV6153        
ABL1 Q252H Tyr-Cytoplasmic PV6154 PV6155 PV6156        
ABL1 T315I CTK PV3866 PR7429B PV4184      yes
ABL1 Y253F CTK PV3863 PR7444A PV4181  yes
ABL2 (ARG) CTK PV3266 PR4795A PV3586  yes
ACVR1 (ALK2) S/TK PV4877 PR8866A PV4878                 yes
ACVR1 (ALK2) R206H Ser/Thr PV6232 PV6233 PV6234       
ACVR1B (ALK4) S/TK PV4312 PR7950A PV4329      yes
ACVR2A S/TK PV6124 PR9111A PV6125                  
ACVR2B S/TK PV6049 PR9140B PV6050                  yes
ACVRL1 (ALK1) S/TK PV4883 PR8914A PV4884    
ADRBK1 (GRK2) S/TK PV3361 PR4694C PR4694A        yes
ADRBK2 (GRK3) S/TK PV3827 PR7122A PV3974        yes
AKT1 (PKB ALPHA) S/TK P2999 PR3878D PV3599      yes
AKT2 (PKB BETA) S/TK PV3184 PR4640B PV3975      yes
AKT2 (Inactive)      Inquire PV3685 Inquire    
AKT3 (PKB GAMMA) S/TK PV3185 PR4643B PV3976     yes
ALK Tyr-Receptor PV3867 PR7396B PV4185         
ALK C1156Y Tyr-Receptor PV6157 PV6158 PV6159        
ALK F1174L  Tyr-Receptor PV6160 PV6161 PV6162        
ALK L1196M Tyr-Receptor PV6166 PV6167 PV6168        
ALK R1275Q Tyr-Receptor PV6169 PV6170 PV6171       
AMPK (A1/B1/G2) Ser/Thr PV6238 PV6239 PV6240       
AMPK (A1/B1/G3) Ser/Thr PV6241 PV6242 PV6243       
AMPK (A1/B2/G1) Ser/Thr PV6244 PV6245 PV6246       
AMPK (A2/B2/G1) Ser/Thr PV6247 PV6248 PV6249       
AMPK (A2/B2/G2) Ser/Thr PV6250 PV6251 PV6252       
AMPK (A1/B1/G1)   S/TK PV4672 PR8376C PV4673 yes
AMPK (A2/B1/G1)    S/TK PV4674 PR8694C PV4675 yes
AURKA (AURORA A) S/TK PV3612 PR5935A PV4067  yes
AURKB (AURORA B) S/TK PV6130 PR9210B PV6131  yes
AURKC (AURORA C) S/TK PV3856 PR6425A PV4178          yes
AXL RTK PV3971 PR5983B PV4275 yes
AXL R499C Tyr-Receptor PV6253 PV6254 PV6255        
BLK CTK PV3683 PR6635A PV4073       yes
BMPR1A (ALK3) S/TK PV6038 PR9136A PV6039         yes
BMPR1B (ALK6) Ser/Thr PV6235 PV6236 PV6237        
BMPR2 Ser/Thr PV6256 PV6257 PV6258        
BMX CTK PV3371 PR5116C PV4074  yes
BRAF S/TK PV3848 PR6995A PV4172 yes
BRAF V599E    S/TK PV3849 PR7304A PV4173  yes
BRSK1 (SAD1) S/TK PV4333 PR8037A PV4344  yes
BRSK2 Ser/Thr PV6259 PV6260 PV6261        
BTK CTK PV3363 PR5442A PV3587  yes
CAMK1 S/TK PV4391 PR8013A PV4427         yes
CAMK1D (CAMKI DELTA) S/TK PV3663 PR6770A    PV3977  yes
CAMK2A (CAMKII ALPHA) S/TK PV3142 PR4586C PR4586A     yes
CAMK2B (CAMKII BETA) S/TK PV4205 PR7771A PV4278  yes
CAMK2D (CAMKII DELTA) S/TK PV3373 PR5448A PV3978  yes
CAMK2G (CaMKII gamma) Ser/Thr PV6268 PV6269 PV6270        
CAMK4 (CAMKIV) S/TK PV3310 PR5249B PV3979  yes
CAMKK1 (CAMKKA) S/TK PV4670 PR8308A    PV4671       
CAMKK2 (CAMKK BETA) S/TK PV4206 PR7777A PV4322        
CASK Ser/Thr PV6271 PV6272 PV6273        
CDC42BPA (MRCKB) S/TK PV4398 PR8067A PV4434      yes
CDC42BPB (MRCKA) S/TK PV4399 PR8070A PV4435      yes
CDC7/DBF4 Ser/Thr PV6274 PV6275 PV6276 yes
CDK1/cyclin A2 Ser/Thr PV6280 PV6281 PV6282 yes
CDK1/cyclin B S/TK PV3292 PR4768C PV3980      yes
CDK11, Inactive Ser/Thr PV6283 PV6284 PV6285       
CDK14 (PFTK1)/cyclin Y  Ser/Thr PV6382 PV6383 PV6384       
CDK16 (PCTK1)/cyclin Y  Ser/Thr PV6379 PV6380 PV6381       
CDK2/cyclin A S/TK PV3267 PR4448B PR4448A      yes
CDK2/cyclin A1 Ser/Thr PV6289 PV6290 PV6291         
CDK2/cyclin A2 Ser/Thr PV6292 PV6293 PV6294       
CDK2/cyclin E1 Ser/Thr PV6295 PV6296 PV6297       
CDK2/cyclin O  Ser/Thr PV6286 PV6287 PV6288       
CDK3/cyclin E1 Ser/Thr PV6298 PV6299 PV6300       
CDK4/cyclin D1 S/TK PV4400 PR8064A PV4436      
CDK5, Inactive Ser/Thr PV6301 PV6302 PV6303       
CDK5/p25 S/TK PV4676 PR8543B PV4677      yes
CDK5/p35 S/TK PV3000 PR4026C PV3981           yes
CDK6/cyclin D1 S/TK PV4401 PR8422B PV4437        
CDK7/cyclin H/MNAT1 S/TK PV3868 PR6749B PV4186        yes
CDK8/cyclin C S/TK PV4402 PR7261B PV4345      yes
CDK9, Inactive Ser/Thr PV6304 PV6305 PV6306      yes
CDK9/cyclin K S/TK PV4335 PR7510A PV4346      yes
CDK9/cyclin T1 S/TK PV4131 PR7541B PV4280        yes
CHEK1 (CHK1) S/TK P3040 PR3959B PV3982  yes
CHEK2 (CHK2) S/TK PV3367 PR5460B PV3983  yes
CHUK (IKK ALPHA) S/TK PV4310 PR7619B PV4327    yes
CLK1 S/TK PV3315 PR5259A PV3984      yes
CLK2 S/TK PV4201 PR7747B PV4279      yes
CLK3 S/TK PV3826 PR7367A PV3985           yes
CLK4 S/TK PV3839 PR7453A PV3986         
CSF1R (FMS) RTK PV3249 PR4598A PV4092  yes
CSK CTK P2927 PR3080B PV4075  yes
CSNK1A1 (CK1 ALPHA1) S/TK PV3850 PR7361B PV4174          yes
CSNK1D (CK1 DELTA) S/TK PV3665 PR6695B PV3987         yes
CSNK1E (CK1 EPSILON) S/TK PV3500 PR5147A PV3988     yes
CSNK1G1 (CK1 GAMMA 1) S/TK PV3825 PR7391A PV3989      yes
CSNK1G2 (CK1 GAMMA 2) S/TK PV3499 PR5511A PV3990     yes
CSNK1G3 (CK1 GAMMA 3) S/TK PV3838 PR7474A PV3991     yes
CSNK2A1 (CK2 ALPHA 1) S/TK PV3248 PR4554A PV3992           yes
CSNK2A2 (CK2 ALPHA 2) S/TK PV3624 PR6299B PV3993           yes
DAPK1 S/TK PV3969 PR6332A PV4273               yes
DAPK2 S/TK PV3614 PR5688A PV3994        
DAPK3 (ZIPK) S/TK PV3686 PR7001B PV3995           yes
DCAMKL2 (DCK2) S/TK PV4297 PR7853A PV4323          yes
DDR1 S/TK PV6047 PR6913A PV6048               
DDR2 RTK PV3870 PR7167A PV4188 yes
DDR2 N456S Tyr-Receptor PV6172 PV6173 PV6174               
DDR2 T654M Tyr-Receptor PV6175 PV6176 PV6177               
DMPK S/TK PV3784 PR7186A PV3996       yes
DNA-PK S/TK PV5866 PR9107A PV5865  yes
DYRK1A S/TK PV3785 PR7189B PV3997      yes
DYRK1B S/TK PV4649 PR8350A PV4650      yes
DYRK2 Ser/Thr PV6331 PV6332 PV6333               
DYRK3 S/TK PV3837 PR7492A PV3998      yes
DYRK4 S/TK PV3871 PR7222A PV4189  yes
EEF2K S/TK PV4559 PR8535A PV4560          yes
EGFR (ERBB1) RTK PV3872 PR7295B PV4190 yes
EGFR (ERBB1) L858R RTK PV4128 PR7447A PV4289  yes
EGFR (ERBB1) L861Q RTK PV3873 PR7435A PV4191  yes
EGFR d746-750 Tyr-Receptor PV6178 PV6179 PV6180               
EGFR T790M RTK PV4803 PR8052A PV4804 yes
EGFR T790M L858R RTK PV4879 PR8911A PV4880           
EIF2AK1 (HRI) S/TK PV5856 PR9072A PV5857    
EIF2AK2 (PKR) S/TK PV4821 PR8917B PV4822  
EIF2AK3 (PERK) S/TK PV5106 PR8985A PV5107     
EIF2AK4 (GCN2) Ser/Thr PV6334 PV6335 PV6336              
EPHA1 RTK PV3841 PR7498A PV4093  yes
EPHA2 RTK PV3688 PR7040A PV4094  yes
EPHA3 RTK PV3359 PR5270A PV4095       yes
EPHA4 RTK PV3651 PR6419A PV4096  yes
EPHA5 RTK PV3840 PR7459A PV4097  yes
EPHA6 Tyr-Receptor PV6337 PV6338 PV6339              
EPHA7 RTK PV3689 PR7046A PV4098   yes
EPHA8 RTK PV3844 PR7298B PV4099  yes
EPHB1 RTK PV3786 PR6311B PV4100  yes
EPHB2 RTK PV3625 PR6320A PV4101 yes
EPHB3 RTK PV3658 PR6638B PV4102  yes
EPHB4 RTK PV3251 PR4688B PV4103  yes
ERBB2 (HER2) RTK PV3366 PR4918A PV3590        yes
ERBB4 (HER4) RTK PV3626 PR6308B PV4104  yes
FER CTK PV3806 PR7343A PV4076  yes
FES (FPS) CTK PV3354 PR5068B PV4077  yes
FGFR1 RTK PV3146 PR4660A PV4105  yes
FGFR1 V561M Tyr-Receptor PV6343 PV6344 PV6345              
FGFR2 RTK PV3368 PR5332A PV4106  yes
FGFR3 RTK PV3145 PR4631B PV4107  yes
FGFR3 G697C Tyr-Receptor PV6184 PV6185 PV6186              
FGFR3 K650E RTK PV4392 PR8155A PV4428  yes
FGFR3 K650M Tyr-Receptor PV6187 PV6188 PV6189              
FGFR4 RTK P3054 PR4380C PR4380A      yes
FGR CTK P3041 PR4146B PV4078  yes
FLT1 (VEGFR1) RTK PV3666 PR6731B PR6731A  yes
FLT3 RTK  PV3182 PR4666C PV4108  yes
FLT3 D835Y RTK PV3967 PR7450A PV4271 yes
FLT3 ITD Tyr-Receptor PV6190 PV6191 PV6192              
FLT4 (VEGFR3) RTK PV4129 PR7216B PV4290  yes
FRAP1 (MTOR) S/TK PV4753 PR8683B PV4754  yes
FRK (PTK5) CTK PV3874 PR7729A PV4192  yes
FYN CTK     P3042 PR4163D PR4163A  yes
FYN A Tyr-Cytoplasmic PV6346 PV6347 PV6348              
GRK1 Ser/Thr PV6352 PV6353 PV6354              
GRK4 S/TK PV3807 PR7249A PV3999      yes
GRK5 S/TK PV3824 PR7128B PV4000  yes
GRK6 S/TK PV3661 PR6302C PV4001  yes
GRK7 S/TK PV3823 PR7131A PV4125      yes
GSG2 (HASPIN) S/TK PV5708 PR9069A PV5709             yes
GSK3A S/TK PV6126 PR9188A PV6127      yes
GSK3B (GSK3 BETA) S/TK PV3365 PR5074A PV3597      yes
HCK CTK PV6128 PR9171A PV6129  yes
HIPK1 (MYAK) S/TK PV4561 PR8290A PV4562           yes
HIPK2 S/TK PV5275 PR9004A PV5276          yes
HIPK3 (YAK1) S/TK PV4209 PR7715A PV4324           yes
HIPK4 S/TK PV3852 PR7340A PV4176           yes
ICK Ser/Thr PV6358 PV6359 PV6360               
IGF1R RTK PV3250 PR4654A PV3592  yes
IKBKB (IKK BETA) S/TK PV3836 PR7489B PR7489A  yes
IKBKE (IKK EPSILON) S/TK PV4875 PR8031B PV4876  yes
INSR RTK PV3781 PR7080A PV4110  yes
INSRR (IRR) RTK PV3808 PR7286A PV4111      yes
IRAK1 S/TK PV4403 PR8140B PV4439           yes
IRAK4 S/TK PV3362 PR5612U PV4002       yes
ITK CTK PV3875 PR6992A PV4193  yes
JAK1 CTK PV4774 PR8767C PV4775      yes
JAK2 CTK PV4210 PR7820B PV4288  yes
JAK2 JH1 JH2 CTK PV4393 PR8078A PV4429  yes
JAK2 JH1 JH2 V617F CTK PV4336 PR8134A PV4347     yes
JAK3 CTK PV3855 PR7507B PV4080  yes
KDR (VEGFR2) RTK PV3660 PR5992C PR5992A  yes
KIT RTK P3081 PR4460D PV3589      yes
KIT A829P Tyr-Receptor PV6193 PV6194 PV6195           yes
KIT D816H Tyr-Receptor PV6196 PV6197 PV6198           yes
KIT D816V Tyr-Receptor PV6199 PV6200 PV6201           yes
KIT D820E Tyr-Receptor PV6307 PV6308 PV6309           yes
KIT N822K Tyr-Receptor PV6310 PV6311 PV6312           yes
KIT T670E Tyr-Receptor PV6313 PV6314 PV6315           yes
KIT T670I RTK PV3869 PR7423A PV4187  yes
KIT V559D T670I Tyr-Receptor PV6316 PV6317 PV6318           yes
KIT V654A RTK PV4132 PR7738A PV4291     yes
KIT Y823D Tyr-Receptor PV6322 PV6323 PV6324           yes
LATS1 Ser/Thr PV6361 PV6362 PV6363           yes
LATS2 Ser/Thr PV6364 PV6365 PV6366           yes
LCK CTK P3043 PR4170A PV4081  yes
LIMK1 S/TK PV4337 PR7844A PV4348                  yes
LIMK2 S/TK PV3860 PR7519B PV4349        yes
LRRK2 S/TK PV4873 PR8604B PV4874         yes
LRRK2 Full Length S/TK A15197 A15198 A15199         yes
LRRK2 D1994A S/TK PV6051 PR9102A PV6052         
LRRK2 G2019S S/TK PV4881 PR8764C PV4882         yes
LRRK2 G2019S Full Length S/TK A15200PT A15201PT A15202PT         yes
LRRK2 I2020T S/TK PV5854 PR8755A PV5855         
LRRK2 R1441C S/TK PV5858 PR8752A PV5859      
LTK (TYK1) RTK PV4651 PR8108A PV4652  yes
LYNA CTK P2906 PR3722B PV4082  yes
LYNB CTK P2907 PR3725B PV4083  yes
MAP2K1 (MEK1) S/TK PV3303 PR5043A PV4003      yes
MAP2K1 (Inactive)   Inquire P3093 Inquire          
MAP2K1, mutant S/TK P3099 PR3944C PV4004           yes
MAP2K2 (MEK2) S/TK PV3615 PR5399A PV4005      yes
MAP2K3 (MEK3) S/TK PV3662 PR6413A PV4006        yes
MAP2K6 (MKK6) S/TK PV3318 PR3950A PV4007     yes
MAP2K6, mutant S/TK PV3293 PR3953A PV4008     yes
MAP3K10 (MLK2) S/TK PV3877 PR7004A PV4195       yes
MAP3K11 (MLK3) S/TK PV3788 PR6962A PV4009      yes
MAP3K14 (NIK) S/TK PV4902 PR8920A PV4903        yes
MAP3K2 (MEKK2) S/TK PV3822 PR7408A PV4010       yes
MAP3K3 (MEKK3) S/TK PV3876 PR7352A 
PV4194        yes
MAP3K5 (ASK1) S/TK PV3809 PR7349B PV4011       yes
MAP3K7/MAP3K7IP1 (TAK1-TAB1) S/TK PV4394 PR8004B PV4430      yes
MAP3K8 (COT) S/TK PV4313 PR7887A PV4330     yes
MAP3K9 (MLK1) S/TK PV3787 PR7007A PV4012 yes
MAP4K1 (HPK1) Ser/Thr PV6355 PV6356 PV6357           yes
MAP4K2 (GCK) S/TK PV4211 PR7802A PV4281  yes
MAP4K3 (GLK) Ser/Thr PV6349 PV6350 PV6351           yes
MAP4K4 (HGK) S/TK PV3687 PR7010B PV4013  yes
MAP4K5 (KHS1) S/TK PV3682 PR6671A PV4014 yes
MAPK1 (ERK2) S/TK PV3313 PR5257A PV3595      yes  
MAPK1 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3314 Inquire              
MAPK10 (JNK3) S/TK PV4563 PR6983B PV4564  yes
MAPK11 (P38 BETA) S/TK PV3679 PR7171C PR7171A       yes
MAPK12 (P38 GAMMA) S/TK PV3654 PR6830A PV4016         yes
MAPK12 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3653 Inquire              
MAPK13 (P38 DELTA) S/TK PV3656 PR6835B PV4017       yes
MAPK13 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3655 Inquire              
MAPK14 (P38 ALPHA) S/TK PV3304 PR5049C PV3598          yes
MAPK15 (ERK7) Ser/Thr PV6181 PV6182 PV6183            yes
MAPK14 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3305 Inquire              
MAPK3 (ERK1) S/TK PV3311 PR5254B PV3594      yes
MAPK3 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3312 Inquire           
MAPK8 (Inactive)   PV3319 PV3320 Inquire       
MAPK8 (JNK1) S/TK Inquire PR5340A PV3593 yes
MAPK9 (JNK2) S/TK PV3620 PR6568B PV4018 yes
MAPK9 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3621 Inquire              
MAPKAPK2 S/TK PV3317 PR5320A PV4019     yes
MAPKAPK2 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3316 Inquire    
MAPKAPK3 S/TK PV3299 PR4730B PV4020     yes
MAPKAPK3 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3300 Inquire          
MAPKAPK5 (PRAK) S/TK PV3301 PR4736B PV4021      yes
MARK1 (MARK) S/TK PV4395 PR8034A PV4431      yes
MARK2 S/TK PV3878 PR7405A PV4196      yes
MARK3 S/TK PV4819 PR8905A PV4820           yes
MARK4 S/TK PV3851 PR7177C PV4175 yes
MATK (HYL) CTK PV3370 PR5045A     PV4084       yes
MELK S/TK PV4823 PR8926B PV4824      yes
MERTK (CMER) RTK PV3627 PR6317A PV4112 yes
MERTK (cMER) A708S Tyr-Receptor PV6325 PV6326 PV6327            yes
MET (CMET) RTK PV3143 PR4563B PV3588  yes
MET D1228H Tyr-Receptor PV6208 PV6209 PV6210            yes
MET M1250T RTK PV3968 PR7432A PV4272  yes
MINK1 S/TK PV3810 PR7198A PV4022  yes
MKNK1 (MNK1) S/TK PV6023 PR9138A PV6024              yes
MKNK2 (MNK2) S/TK PV5607 PR8046A PV5608               yes
MLCK (MLCK2) S/TK PV3835 PR7174A PV4023            yes
MST1R (RON) RTK PV4314 PR7906A PV4332  yes
MST4 S/TK PV3690 PR7067A PV4024       yes
MUSK RTK PV3834 PR7438A PV4113 yes
MYLK (MLCK) S/TK PV4339 PR8016A PV4350              yes
MYLK2 (SKMLCK) S/TK PV3757 PR7110A PV4025      yes
MYO3B (MYO3 beta) Ser/Thr PV6367 PV6368 PV6369              yes
NEK1 S/TK PV4202 PR7201A PV4282           yes
NEK11 (FLJ23495) S/TK PV4647 PR8182A     PV4648             yes
NEK2 S/TK PV3360 PR4616A PV4026  yes
NEK4 S/TK PV4315 PR7180A PV4331           yes
NEK6 S/TK PV3353 PR5235A PV4028            yes
NEK7 S/TK PV3833 PR7441A PV4029            yes
NEK9 S/TK PV4653 PR8280A PV4654            yes
NLK S/TK PV4309 PR7525A PV4328    yes
NTRK1 (TRKA) RTK PV3144 PR4672D PV4114        yes
NTRK2 (TRKB) RTK PV3616 PR5995D PR5995A       yes
NTRK3 (TRKC) RTK PV3617 PR5998B PV4116       yes
NUAK1 (ARK5) S/TK PV4127 PR7569A PV4283            yes
NUAK2 Ser/Thr PV6376 PV6377 PV6378            yes
PAK1 S/TK PV3820 PR7402A PV4030       yes
PAK2 (PAK65) S/TK PV4565 PR8265A PV4566           yes
PAK3 S/TK PV3789 PR7098A PV4031           yes
PAK4 S/TK PV4212 PR7856A PV4284  yes
PAK6 S/TK PV3502 PR5307A PV4032      yes
PAK7 (KIAA1264) S/TK PV4405 PR8143A PV4441 yes
PASK S/TK PV3972 PR7013A PV4276      yes
PBK (TOPK) S/TK PV4130 PR5143A PV4285    
PDGFRA D842V RTK PV4203 PR7741A PV4292  yes
PDGFRA T674I RTK PV3847 PR7385B PV4118  yes
PDGFRA V561D RTK PV4680 PR7732A PV4681  yes
PDGFRB (PDGFR BETA) RTK P3082 PR4465B PV3591 yes
PDK1 S/TK P3001 PR4194C PV4033  yes
PDK4 (PDHK4) S/TK PV5710 PR8253A PV5711                   
PHKG1 S/TK PV3853 PR7319A PV4034 yes
PHKG2 S/TK PV4555 PR7753A PV4556      yes
PI4KA Lipid PV5689 PR9056A PV5690               yes
PI4KB (P14K BETA) Lipid PV5277 PR9008A PV5278                  yes
PIK3C2A (P13K-C2 ALPHA) Lipid PV5586 PR9053A PV5587              yes
PIK3C2B (P13K-C2 BETA) Lipid    PV5374 PR9006A PV5375              yes
PIK3C3 (HVPS34) Lipid PV5126 PR8987B PV5127              yes
PIK3CA/PIK3R1 (P110 ALPHA) Lipid PV4788 PR8581C PV4789              yes
PIK3CD/PIK3R1 (P110 DELTA/P85) Lipid PV5273 PR9026C PV5274               yes
PIK3CG (P110 GAMMA) Lipid PV4786 PR8641C
PV4787            yes
PIM1 S/TK PV3503 PR5298C PR5298A yes
PIM2 S/TK PV3649 PR6347B PV4036 yes
PKN1 (PRK1) S/TK PV3790 PR7255B PV4037  yes
PKN2 (PRK2) S/TK PV3879 PR7370A PV4197         
PLK1 S/TK PV3501 PR5304B PV4038          yes
PLK2 S/TK PV4204 PR7592A PV4286           yes
PLK3 S/TK PV3812 PR7316B PV4039           yes
PLK4 Ser/Thr PV6394 PV6395 PV6396              yes
PRKACA (PKA) S/TK P2912 PR3791B PV4040 yes
PRKACB (PRKAC beta) Ser/Thr PV6388 PV6389 PV6390              yes
PRKACG (PRKAC gamma) Ser/Thr PV6391 PV6392 PV6393              yes
PRKCA (PKC ALPHA) S/TK P2227 PR1455C PV3600     yes
PRKCB1 (PKC BETA I) S/TK P2281 PR1458A PV3601      yes
PRKCB2 (PKC BETA II) S/TK P2251 PR1461C PV3602     yes
PRKCD (PKC DELTA) S/TK P2287 PR1464B PV3603     yes
PRKCE (PKC EPSILON) S/TK P2282 PR1473D PV3609     yes
PRKCG (PKC GAMMA) S/TK P2228 PR1467A PV3604     yes
PRKCH (PKC ETA)   S/TK P2634 PR3588A PV3608  yes
PRKCI (PKC IOTA) S/TK PV3186 PR4742A PV3607     yes
PRKCN (PKD3) S/TK PV3692 PR7016A PV4044 yes
PRKCQ (PKC THETA) S/TK P2996 PR4143B PV3605 yes
PRKCZ (PKC ZETA) S/TK P2268 PR1476D PV3606      yes
PRKD1 (PKC MU) S/TK PV3791 PR7258C PV4041 yes
PRKD2 (PKD2) S/TK PV3758 PR7149A PV4042  yes
PRKG1 S/TK PV4340 PR8028A PV4351 yes
PRKG2 (PKG2) S/TK PV3973 PR7572A PV4277 yes
PRKX S/TK PV3813 PR7204A PV4045 yes
PTK2 (FAK) CTK PV3832 PR7495A PV4085     yes
PTK2B (FAK2) CTK PV4567 PR8161B PV4568 yes
PTK6 (BRK) CTK PV3291 PR4375B PV4086 yes
RAF1 (cRaf) Y340D Y341D S/TK PV3805 PR7307A PV4046 yes
RET RTK PV3819 PR7355A PV4119 yes
RET G691S Tyr-Receptor PV6214 PV6215 PV6216              yes
RET M918T Tyr-Receptor PV6217 PV6218 PV6219              yes
RET V804L RTK PV4397 PR8200A PV4433 yes
RET V804M Tyr-Receptor PV6223 PV6224 PV6225              yes
RET Y791F RTK PV4396 PR8194A PV4432  yes
RIPK2 S/TK PV4213 PR7829A PV4325             yes
RIPK3 Ser/Thr PV6397 PV6398 PV6399             yes
RIPK5 S/TK PV4678 PR8626A PV4679             
ROCK1 S/TK PV3691 PR7028B PR7028A yes
ROCK2 S/TK PV3759 PR7116B PV4048 yes
ROR2 RTK PV3861 PR7516A PV4179    
ROS1 RTK PV3814 PR7292A PV4120 yes
RPS6KA1 (RKS1) S/TK PV3680 PR6812A PV4049 yes
RPS6KA2 (RSK3) S/TK PV3846 PR5813A PV4050 yes
RPS6KA3 (RSK2) S/TK PV3323 PR5326A PV4051 yes
RPS6KA3 (Inactive)   Inquire PV3289 Inquire              
RPS6KA4 (MSK2) S/TK PV3782 PR7155A PV4052 yes
RPS6KA5 (MSK1) S/TK PV3681 PR6891A PV4053  yes
RPS6KA6 (RSK4) S/TK PV4557 PR8170A PV4558      yes
RPS6KB1 (P70S6K) S/TK PV3815 PR7310B PV4054 yes
RPS6KB2 (P70S6K BETA) S/TK PV3831 PR7468B PV4055             
SGK (SGK1) S/TK PV3818 PR7358A PV4056 yes
SGK2 S/TK PV3858 PR7313A 
PV4057       yes
SGK3 (SKGL) S/TK PV3859 PR7301A PV4058   yes
SIK3 Ser/Thr PV6403 PV6404 PV6405            yes
SLK S/TK PV3830 PR7465A PV4059            yes
SNF1LK2 (QIK) S/TK PV4792 PR8353A
PV4793        yes
SPHK1 Lipid PV5214 PR8902A PV5215              yes
SPHK2 Lipid PV5216 PR8935A PV5217              yes
SRC CTK P3044 PR4336E PV3584   yes
SRCN1 CTK P2904 PR2886A PV4087        yes
SRMS (SRM) CTK PV4214 PR7031A PV4287        yes
SRPK1 S/TK PV4215 PR7847A PV4326             yes
SRPK2 S/TK PV3829 PR7462A PV4060         yes
STK16 (PKL12) S/TK PV4311 PR7859A    PV4442            yes
STK17A (DRAK1)    S/TK PV3783 PR7034B PV4061           yes
STK17B (DRAK2) Ser/Thr PV6328 PV6329 PV6330           yes
STK22B (TSSK2) S/TK PV3622 PR5947A PV4062           yes
STK22D  (TSSK1)   S/TK PV3505 PR5214A PV4063      yes
STK23 (MSSK1) S/TK PV3880 PR7207A PV4198            yes
STK24 (MST3) S/TK PV3650 PR6359A PV4064         yes
STK25 (YSK1) S/TK PV3657 PR6722A PV4065   yes
STK3 (MST2) S/TK PV4805 PR8881A PV4806        yes
STK32B (YANK2) Ser/Thr PV6406 PV6407 PV6408            yes
STK32C (YANK3) Ser/Thr PV6409 PV6410 PV6411            yes
STK33 S/TK PV4343 PV4343 PV4354            yes
STK38 (NDR) Ser/Thr PV6370 PV6371 PV6372            yes
STK38L (NDR2) Ser/Thr PV6373 PV6374 PV6375            yes
STK39 (STLK3) Ser/Thr PV6412 PV6413 PV6414            yes
STK4 (MST1) S/TK PV3854 PR7322A PV4177         yes
SYK CTK PV3857 PR6974A PV4089   yes
TAOK1 Ser/Thr PV6415 PV6416 PV6417            yes
TAOK2 (TAO1) S/TK PV3760 PR7158A PV4068    yes
TAOK3 (JIK) S/TK PV3652 PR6434A PV4069    yes
TBK1 S/TK PV3504 PR5618B PV4070    yes
TEC CTK PV3269 PR4801B PV4090       yes
TEK (TIE2) RTK PV3628 PR6314A PV4199   yes
TEK (TIE2) R849W Tyr-Receptor PV6226 PV6227 PV6228            yes
TEK (TIE2) Y1108F Tyr-Receptor PV6229 PV6230 PV6231            yes
TESK2 Ser/Thr PV6418 PV6419 PV6420            yes
TGFBR1 (ALK5) S/TK PV5837 PR9075A    PV5838            yes
TGFBR2 S/TK PV6122 PR9154A PV6123             
TLK1 Ser/Thr PV6421 PV6422 PV6423            yes
TLK2 Ser/Thr PV6424 PV6425 PV6426            yes
TNIK Ser/Thr PV6427 PV6428 PV6429            yes
TNK2 (ACK) CTK PV4807 PR8863A PV4808        yes
TTK S/TK PV3792 PR7264B PV4071       yes
TXK CTK PV5860 PR9089A PV5861          yes
TYK2 CTK PV4790 PR8440C PV4791   yes
TYRO3 (RSE) RTK PV3828 PR7480A PV4121     yes
ULK1 Ser/Thr PV6430 PV6431 PV6432            yes
ULK2 Ser/Thr PV6433 PV6434 PV6435            yes
ULK3 Ser/Thr PV6436 PV6437 PV6438            yes
WEE1 S/TK PV3817 PR7373A PR7373A       yes
WNK2 S/TK PV4341 PR8019A PV4352            yes
WNK3 S/TK PV4342 PR7989A PV4353           
YES1 CTK A15557 A15558 A15559    yes
ZAK S/TK PV3882 PR7052A PV4200    yes
ZAP70 CTK P2782 PR3017C    PR3017A   yes

Lipid Kinases

All bolded SKU numbers are available in 10ug instead of 20ug

  Lipid and PI3 Kinases          
Kinase Class 20 ug 100 ug 1 mg KBA Adapta
FRAP1 (mTOR)S/TKPV4753PR8683B   PV4754   yes 
PI4KA (PI4K alpha)LipidPV5689
PR9056A   PV5690 yes
PI4KB (PI4K beta)Lipid    PV5277PR9008APV5278 yes
PIK3C2A (PI3K-C2 alpha )Lipid    PV5586PR9053APV5587 yes
PIK3C2B (PI3K-C2 beta)Lipid    PV5374PR9006A   PV5375    yes
PIK3C3 (hVPS34)LipidPV5126PR8987BPV5127    yes
PIK3CA/PIK3R1 (p110 alpha/p85 alpha, PI3 Kinase)LipidPV4788PR8581CPV4789   yesyes
PIK3CD/PIK3R1 (p110 delta / p85 alpha)LipidPV5273   PR9026C   PV5274   yesyes
PIK3CG (PI3K gamma, p120 gamma)LipidPV4786PR8641CPV4787   yesyes
SPHK1LipidPV5214PR8902A   PV5215
SPHK2LipidPV5216PR8935APV5217 yes

Inactive Kinases

All bolded SKU numbers are available in 20ug instead of 10ug, and all italicized SKU numbers are available in 5 ug instead of 10 ug.

Kinase Name Activity State 100 ug 1 mg KBA
AKT2 (PKB BETA)InactivePV3685  Inquire   
MAP2K1 (MEK1)InactiveP3093  Inquire yes
MAPK1 (ERK2)InactivePV3314Inquire 
MAPK12 (P38 GAMMA)InactivePV3653Inquire yes
MAPK13 (P38 DELTA)InactivePV3655  Inquireyes
MAPK14  (P38 ALPHA)InactivePV3305Inquire yes
MAPK3  (ERK1)InactivePV3312Inquire   
MAPK8  (JNK1)InactivePV3320  Inquire   
MAPK9  (JNK2)InactivePV3621Inquire  yes
RPS6KA3  (RSK2)InactivePV3289Inquireyes

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