Gene regulation in disease and development is often impacted by epigenetic features such as DNA methylation, chromatin structure, and noncoding RNAs (ncRNAs). These features contribute to a complex regulatory circuit that requires robust tools to study. Life Technologies has developed powerful epigenetics research technologies spanning sample preparation, sequencing, quantitative PCR, functional analysis assays, and bioinformatics tools for analysis.

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Optimized kits and protocols for studying DNA methylation regionally and at single base resolution through sequencing, qPCR, and other downstream analysis techniques.

Products that enable you to study histone modifications, chromatin-modifying proteins, and other epigenetic interactions.

Reagents for non-coding RNA functional analysis.

Solutions for investigating the function of miRNAs.

Investigate epigenetic enzymes and substrate modifications with our flexible set of cellular and biochemical assay tools.

Learn more about the unique biological and technical hurdles challenging researchers in today's labs.

Access useful technical application notes, webinars, and tutorials that explain new technologies and help you get up to speed with new methods.

Epigenetics Learning Center

Our Learning Center provides an overview of epigenetic regulation of gene expression as well as considerations underpinning the research workflow. Learn about: