MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are short, highly conserved small noncoding RNA molecules naturally occurring in the genomes of plants and animals. miRNAs are 17–27 nucleotides long and regulate posttranscriptional mRNA expression, typically by binding to the 3’ untranslated region (3’-UTR) of the complementary mRNA sequence, resulting in translational repression and gene silencing. Studies have shown that thousands of human protein-coding genes are regulated by miRNAs, indicating that miRNAs are “master regulators” of many important biological processes.

Since the discovery of first lin-4 miRNA in C. elegans, miRNAs have been identified in diverse organisms through experimental determination or computational prediction. These are managed through miRBase database which is a public searchable database of all published miRNA sequences and annotation.

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Search more than 2000 Ambion® miRNA Mimics and Inhibitors
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  Novel design to minimize off-target effects Next generation chemistries for lowest off-target effects   Chemically modified for good efficacy Next generation chemistries for highest efficacy
FunctionMimic endogenous miRNAsMimic endogenous miRNAs Inhibit endogenous miRNAsInhibit endogenous miRNAs
Content Database100% Coverage of miRBase v 15*100% Coverage of miRBase v 19** 100% Coverage of miRBase v 15*100% Coverage of miRBase v 19**
Model SystemIn VitroIn Vitro & In Vivo In VitroIn Vitro & In Vivo
Species CoveredHumanHuman, Mouse & Rat
(Other species: use custom tool)
 HumanHuman, Mouse & Rat
(Other species: use custom tool)
Custom Design ToolDesign your custom miRNAs mimicsDesign your custom miRNAs mimics Design your custom miRNA inhibitorsDesign your custom miRNA inhibitors
miRNA LibrariesPre-Designed or Custom LibrariesPre-Designed or Custom Libraries Pre-Designed or Custom LibrariesPre-Designed or Custom Libraries
Recommended Catalog #AM17100: Pre-miR miRNA Precursor 5 nM4464066: mirVana™ miRNA Mimic 5 nM AM17000: Anti-miR Inhibitor 5 nM4464084: mirVana™ miRNA Inhibitor 5 nM
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*1090 distinct human sequences
**2019 distinct human sequences

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