As noncoding RNA (ncRNA) are increasingly implicated as a mechanism of gene regulation, there is growing interest in profiling long ncRNA and microRNA (miRNA) expression patterns to gain insight into their relevance in development and disease. Proven NCode™ products help researchers probe the mechanisms of epigenetics with clarity, and offer workflow advantages that accelerate the pace of discovery.

Invitrogen introduces the first commercially available arrays to profile long nconcoding RNA expression.
miRNA Profiling

Profile miRNA expression with superb sensitivity and reproducibility

NCode™ miRNA analysis products provide streamlined solutions for the enrichment, amplification, and profiling of miRNA expression. Take advantage of leading workflow tools for key experiment steps:

Long ncRNA Profiling

First commercially available arrays for profiling long noncoding RNA expression

NCode™ Human and Mouse Non-coding RNA Microarrays provide first-generation high-density arrays to profile longer noncoding RNAs (ncRNA >200 bases) and to analyze mRNA simultaneously on the same array.

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