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Buy Platinum® Taq for $0.49/reaction

Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase is thermostable and offers enhanced specificity and minimal primer-dimer products. See why Platinum® Taq DNA Polymerase is a true “hot-start” Taq.
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cDNA synthesis—Save 30% until March 31st!

SuperScript® VILO™ Master Mix is a robust reverse transcriptase premix containing everything you need for reverse transcription (RT) in one tube. Get your promo code now


30 years of qRT-PCR experience in one bundle

SYBR® and SuperScript® product savings up to 50% until March 31st!

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SuperScript® IV Reverse Transcriptase Sample Request

ntroducing a new generation of SuperScript® reverse transcriptase that delivers robust first-strand cDNA synthesis in the presence of reaction inhibitors and ultimate sensitivity in 10 minutes. Find out more about SuperScript® IV reverse transcriptase.

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Request a free sample of SuperScript® VILO master mix.

ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gels

Try our new microwaveable agarose—ReadyPouch™ Agarose Gels.