Custom Services and Reagents for Real-Time PCR

Custom solutions for gene expression and sequencing

  • Genotyping
  • qPCR
  • Mutation detection using castPCR™ technology
  • CNV
  • miRNA
  • Pathogen detection

Our Genetic Analysis Custom Products and Services Team offers a wide range of choices that include customized reagents such as master mixes, customized TaqMan® assays, and customized laboratory services. We will work with you to develop a custom solution that fits your needs.

Custom Reagents for Real-Time PCR 
Custom fill sizes, lyophilized product, multiplex master mixes, and formulations optimized for complex samples or 3rd party platforms.

Contract Laboratory Services for Real-Time PCR and Other Genetic Analysis 
Biomarker validation and screening, genotyping, gene expression, CNV and miRNA analysis, sample preparation, qPCR, and sequencing.

Custom Services for Real-Time PCR Assays 
Primer and probe designs for genotyping or gene expression, qPCR, pathogen detection, CNV, miRNA, and mutation detection with castPCR™ technology, as well as multiplex assay design.

Custom Software Development 
Worfklow integration, algorithm development, visualization and reporting, and data analysis utilities.