Custom Services for Real-Time PCR Reagents

Our Custom Genetic Analysis Products and Services Team can assist you by creating custom master mixes and individual custom reagents. Our long experience and broad knowledge of creating high-quality molecular biology reagents enables our team to provide cost-effective and robust solutions for your specific projects.

Custom reagents are offered under a range of quality and regulatory standards, including ISO:13485, GPR, and GMP.

  • Specialized sample-prep reagents to help ensure high-quality input DNA and RNA for your real-time experiments.
  • Custom formulations that help you reach optimal performance targets for difficult samples, underperforming assays, or 3rd party platforms.
  • Custom fill sizes of our reagents that fit your unique workflows- in a variety of plate and bottle formats.
  • Optimized master mixes for TaqMan® assay multiplex applications, allowing detection of up to four targets in each reaction.
  • Lyophilized reagents in strip-tube or plate formats for improved stability and convenience.

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