Custom Services for Real-Time PCR Assays

Custom TaqMan® Assay formats

We offer custom genetic analysis primers and probes designed to adhere to a range of quality and regulatory standards, including ISO13485:2003, ASR, and GMP. Custom TaqMan® Assays and probes are available with:

  • A choice of reporter dyes and quenchers
  • Custom fill sizes, custom packaging, and varied synthesis scales
  • Custom plate formats—96- and 384-well plates, OpenArray®, and TaqMan® Array cards

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Custom multiplex assay design

We also offer assay design services for multiplex real-time PCR experiments using our TaqMan® QSY® probes (fees apply). This service includes:

  • Identification of splice sites and SNPs on the target sequence
  • Redesign of probes with QSY® quencher parameters, and redesign of primers if needed
  • Mapping of the probes and primers to the current genomic or transcriptome database
  • Identification of potential probe and primer interactions
  • Elimination of overlapping amplicons
  • Selection of best multiplex probe and primer candidates
  • Delivery of primer and probe IDs for online ordering

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Custom genetic analysis assay design

We provide a suite of design tools, including the Custom TaqMan® Assay Design Tool, for submitting a target sequence to our TaqMan® Assay design pipeline for genotypinggene expression analysissmall RNA analysis, and copy number variant analysis. We also offer Primer Express® Software for designing TaqMan® Assays. For more complex designs, our bioinformatics design pipeline allows us to address specific applications. An assay with the highest predicted performance will be delivered, optimized for:

  • Tm, GC content, amplicon size, and primer interactions
  • Reduced off-target hybridization to increase specificity
  • Avoidance of repeat sequences and known SNPs

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