TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assays detect somatic mutations in genes that are associated with cancer. These research use only assays are powered by competitive allele-specific TaqMan® PCR technology, also known as castPCR™ technology. The castPCR™ technology is highly specific and sensitive, and it can detect rare amounts of mutated DNA in a sample that contains large amounts of normal, wild type DNA.

  • High specificity—mutant allele detection is based on an allele-specific primer, while the wild-type background is suppressed by an MGB blocker oligonucleotide
  • High sensitivity—assays can detect as low as 0.1% mutant molecules in a background of wild type gDNA as demonstrated in spiking experiments
  • Wide dynamic range and excellent PCR efficiency—assays demonstrate at least 4 logs of dynamic range and an average efficiency of 100 ± 10%
  • Fast, simple workflow—like other TaqMan® Assays, typically requires 3 hours from sample to results, with minimum hands-on time
  • Our current assay set covers 778 assays to key mutation targets in 46 cancer genes

Catalog # Product Name Availability
4465804TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assays (mutant allele assays and wild type allele assays)Inventoried
4465805TaqMan® EGFR Exon 19 Deletions Assay (mutant allele assay to 19 different EGFR exon 19 deletions)Inventoried
4465807TaqMan® Mutation Detection Reference Assays (gene reference assays)Inventoried
4467538TaqMan® Mutation Detection IPC Reagent KitInventoried


General Specifications

Discrimination:castPCR™ technology combines allele-specific TaqMan® qPCR with allele-specific MGB oligonucleotide blocker to effectively suppress non-specific amplification from the off-target allele.
Assay Components:Each pre-formulated mutant or wild type allele assay contains:
A 10X mix of unlabeled PCR primers, a TaqMan® MGB probe (FAM™ dye-labeled), and an MGB oligonucleotide blocker

Each pre-formulated gene reference assay contains:
A 10X mix of unlabeled PCR primers and a TaqMan® MGB probe (FAM™ dye-labeled)
Reactions:Sufficient for 150 10µl reactions in a 384-well plate or 75 20µl reactions in a 96-well plate.
Expiration Date:2 years from the date of manufacture
Assay Information File:Includes sales order number, part number, assay ID, NCBI gene name, and entrez gene ID. Also includes Sanger COSMIC ID, nucleotide mutation, amino acid change, and mutation type.
Documentation :Each assay shipment contains a CD-ROM disc containing:
  • Protocol for TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assays (pdf file)
  • TaqMan® Mutation Detection Assays Quick Reference Card (pdf file)
  • Product Insert (pdf file)
  • Assay Information File (XML and HTML formats)
  • Understanding Your shipment document (pdf file)
  • Safety data sheet (pdf file)
  • Datasheet (pdf file)
  • Certificate of Analysis (pdf file)
  • 2D barcode laser-etched on the bottom of each assay tube
  • 1D barcode printed on each rack of tubes

Shipping and Storage

Shipped at ambient temperature.

Assays should be stored at -15°C to -25°C in the dark, and minimize freeze-thaw cycles.

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